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18 new Tango albums for download

With recordings from the Orquesta Donato-Zerillo, Edgardo Donato, the Orquesta Bianco-Bachicha, the Orquesta Típica Juan Sanchez Gorio, Roberto Grela and his conjunto de guitarras, Edmundo Rivero, Alberto Gomez, Cayetano Puglisi, Carlos Gardel and Alberto Castillo we give new impetus to our series "Tango Classics", which already consists of 233 albums. Follow this link and get an impression of the new releases:

Our series "Tango Classics"

As the albums are brand new, you will find them on top of the list. Below, there all the other recent new tango releases.
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Hyperion Ensemble: New CD

The Hyperion Ensemble is based in the Italian La Spezia and it presents its 8th tango production with "Remembranzas". The ensemble from wild Liguria has gained a leading position within the European tango scene and it ranks among the most important current tango orchestras worldwide.

Available in our shop for download or CD!

The project of this new release is strictly following the previous one, "Epoca de oro" (2011), wishing to bring to new life the music of the historical orchestras of the 40s and 50s; this is the meaning of the title "Remembranzas", which is also one of the best songs of the CD. (The Spanish term "Remembranza" is linked closely to the Argentinian tango and it signifies something like a "memory of something that is past". Don't be surprised - some Spanish dictionaries don't even list this word...)

"Remembranzas" has been entirely recorded live, in various Festivals around Europe, with the sole exception of the last track, "La Cumparsita", recorded in studio. This has been done with the aim to maintain in the recordings the highly emotional atmosphere of the milongas, when the dancers, with the musicians, are celebrating together this wonderful mystery that is tango: As that famous lyric says, "el tango es rito y es religión, orquestas criollas son sus altares, y el sacerdote su bandoneón..."

Actually this CD is an adequate portrait of the Hyperion Ensemble in this moment of its life and activity, developing itself mainly in festivals or in shows with dancers, moving hundreds of people with the rhythm of the music by D'Arienzo, Fresedo, Varela etc. reinterpreted with a modern concept of sound and orchestration. The appreciated typical sound of the Hyperion Ensemble derives also from the use of the flute and guitar, two unusual instruments in Orquestas típicas but, actually, two essential instruments in Tango back since his origin in 1880. The vocals in this album are performed by the Argentinian singer Ruben Peloni, appreciated for his melodic and romantic interpretation and for his smooth and soft voice timbre.

This is an example of the many recordings with the Ensemble Hyperion to be found in the internet that demonstrates how beautiful tango dancing can be:

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New CD by "Quinteto Angel"

Quinteto Angel: 5 al tango

This is not only the fifth and most current album - it is also a cross-section of the band's history of 13 years and contains not only a multitude of new arrangements but also some previously unreleased favourite titles.
There are only few bands that have dealt with Argentinian tango as continuously and intensively with consistent vigour, energy and enthusiasm for the music.
Again, the Berlin based Argentinian singer and composer Sergio Gobi is guest musician on "5 al Tango".

Line up:
Christian Gerber - Bandoneón
Bernhard von der Gabelentz - Violin
Samuel Lutzker - Violoncello
Rodolpho Paccapelo - Double Bass
Frank Schulte - Piano
Sergio Gobi - Voc

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New Tango CDs

We have just received some new tango productions we would like to present to you. Two of the three CDs are dedicated mainly to classic tango, the last album presented here is an example of top quality electrotango.

Ariel Ardit: Yo lo canto hoy

Ariel Ardit wants to revitalise classic tango and to make it sound modern. For this means, he mainly uses titles that have not been interpreted millions of times before. Besides, he recorded five compositions of contemporary composers. The Orquesta Típica instrumentation is highly convincing as well as Ardit's voice which transmits the melodiousness of the tango titles without becoming syrupy.

Veronika Silva y Las Bordonas: Mano A Mano

The singer Verónika Silva used to tour with the Gotan Project from 2003 to 2006. This album is a cooperation with the trio Las Bordonas (Javier Amoretti, musical director and guitar), Ignacio Cedrún (voice and guitar) and Martín Creixell (guitar and guitarrón) and presents 12 tangos, waltzes and french chansons. Silva's charismatic voice as well as the minimalist instrumentation make this album a real listening pleasure not only for tango enthusiasts.

Ultratango: Esencial

10 years after their debut album "Astornautas" the Argentinian electrotango band has released "Esencial". Here you will find titles penned by Piazzollas and also by the brothers Satragno, the founders of "Ultratango". The voice on two tracks is the one of Raúl Lavie, their father. Ultratango emphasise the fact that their music is not the result of mere DJ-sample-work, but that they strive to preserve the original character of the original compositions in their modern arrangements by using traditional tango instruments like the bandoneón as well as for example the synthesizer.

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You are American and you want to go to Cuba legally right now?

It's not easy to go to Cuba legally for Americans. There are many companies that propose legal travel but which is only legal according to the national law of their country like f.ex. Canada, but not legal according to US law.

Find out more about legal travel according to US law in a new section on our website especially for Americans who want to go to Cuba without having any bad experiences with immigration at the moment they return to the USA:
Information about legal travel for Americans to Cuba

Find out more about our next legal group trip for US citizens from may 24th to 31st:
Group travel for Americans to Cuba

And if you want to travel legally as a couple or alone we have a new and very special offer for individual travelling:
Individual travel for Americans to Cuba

There is no other company worldwide offering what we are offering for you in Cuba!
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New Latin Samplers

The label Urban Latin Records presents new Latin compilations. No matter if you prefer zumba, salsa, reggaeton or bachata: Everybody will find his perfect sound here:

"Muévete, goza y suda" demands this double CD, thus: "move, enjoy and sweat". This is the perfect mix for all fans of the trendy Latin fitness Zumba:
Zumbarrr! 2013/14

With Los 4, Leo, Los Jefes, Este Habana, Ciclon Cubana and many more:
Salsa Summer 2013

2 CDs with 40 mega hits with for example Chacal y Yakarta DJ Unic, Yulien Oviedo y El Happy:
Reggaeton 2013

For everybody preferring the softer version of reggaeton:
Reggaetón Romántico

With top acts like Príncipes de la Bachata, Señor Bachata, Angeles de la Bachata and Grupo Extra:
Bachata Summer 2013
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Tango Voices

Amelita Baltar, Omar Mollo, Noelia Moncada and Diego el Cigala: These voices touch everybody and they deserve to be pointed out here in a special way.

Amelita Baltar: El Nuevo Rumbo

This new album by the Argentian singer Amelita Baltar includes versions of titles by Piazzollas, as well as folklore and own compositions, like Sería fácil decir, Viaje sin luna and El nuevo rumbo. Renowned guest artists are Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Fernando Ruiz Díaz, Luis Salinas, Leopoldo Federico, Paz Lenchantin, Hernán Jacinto, Raúl Carnota, Flaco Bustos, Pablo Mainetti and Leo Genovese.

Omar Mollo: Barrio Sur

Omar Mollo is the winner of Premio Carlos Gardel 2013 with his album Barrio Sur. He won the prize for "Best album of a male singer" and he interprets classic titles like Naranjo en flor, Cuando me entres a fallar and Afiches as well as contemporary compositions by for example Luis Alberto Spinetta and Andrés Ciro Martínez.

Noelia Moncada: Marioneta

Noelia Moncada has already worked with various tango orchestras like for example Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce, Sexteto de Raúl Garello, Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the Orquesta El Arranque and is currently one of the most charismatic female tango singers.

Diego El Cigala: Romance De La Luna Tucumana

Diego el Cigala is one of the most important flamenco artists today, but he has enlarged his repertoire in the last years. He discovered his love for Cuban music and also for tango. His interpretations are fascinating and unique, and his incomparable voice gives a captivating charm to the songs. Compare his version of Naranjo en flor to the one by Omar Mollo and experience the interesting different approaches.
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Latin Super Stars

Finally! The Grupo Niche is back with their latest production "Tocando El Cielo Con Las Manos". The original bandleader Jairo Varela unfortunately passed away recently, but these 13 tracks, are the most beautiful hommage to the maestro. Grupo Niche is a salsa institution and an inevitable part of any salsero repertoire:

After 10 years, 5 time Grammy award winner Olga Tañón returns in 2013 with her long awaited new studio album on her own label titled "Una Mujer". Guest artists are for example Elvis Crespo and Johnny Ventura.

Latin Grammy winner Tito el Bambino presents "Invicto" which features 16 tracks that fuse elements of pop, tropical, bachata and urban rhythms.

Who doesn't know him? Marc Anthony, a founding father of salsa, is known by most salseros, of course, and he has gained international celebrity through his marriage with Jennifer López. He has also won the Latin Grammy five times, and this album produced by Anthony and the renowned producer Sergio George marks his first project of original music in the tropical genre in nearly a decade.

Finally, a new star in bachata heaven: Leslie Grace. She was born in the Bronx as a daughter of dominican parents and grew up in Florida. Her first hit in the Latin Billboard Charts was "Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow". Another charming cover version of a 60s hit is "Be my baby", where she also mixes English und Spanish.

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Classic Tango

The label Label Le Chant du Monde has released a new series dedicated to classic tango: Francisco Canaro, Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Carlos Gardel, Juan d'Arienzo and Pedro Laurenz present their mastery with 25 titles each and invite you to dance. geben sich die Ehre und präsentieren auf jeweils 25 Titeln ihr ganzes Können und laden zum Tanz ein. The tracklistings and audio samples can be found by a click on the corresponding CD:

Osvaldo Fresedo: Una gota de rocío

Juan d'Arienzo: El simpático

Aníbal Troilo: Tres y dos

Carlos Gardel: Si soy así

Francisco Canaro: Champagne Tango

Pedro Laurenz: Patria mía
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NEW: Legal tours to Cuba with Salsa and Percussion for US Americans!

Living in the center of Havana in carefully selected and top quality private accommodations, dance classes with personal Cuban dance partners, rhythm and percussion classes from internationally renowned musicians: to my knowledge, “Danza y Movimiento” is the first and only tour operator worldwide offering a travel program specialized in music and dance to Cuba in cooperation with a US agency, which is licensed by US authorities and thus provides a legal participation to such a program in Cuba.

Clic on the photo and find more information about the first group travel in January 2014!
Here are some tips on how to determine who is offering legal travel to Cuba, and what to expect when choosing us or other tour operators:

Regarding the people-to-people-program, US citizens using other legal tour operators usually experience a tightly organized sightseeing program, which (in contrary to the associations the term “people-to-people“ might evoke) hardly offers a direct contact with the Cuban population and especially not with the up-to-date dance and music scene in Havana and Santiago.

There are also some tour operators promoting “legal journeys to Cuba”, without being able to provide an actual proof of legality.

You can find out yourself if an offer is legal (by US law ) or not:

1. License period
According to our knowledge, licenses are issued for a maximum of one year only.

2. Only US companies
Only companies with US residency can offer legal travel to Cuba.
This is why we are working this program through a legalized US company. We have organized highly qualified cultural journeys to Cuba for 17 years now. Our headquarters are located in Germany. This is why you do not book your legal journey with us, but with our American partner who uses our infrastructure. So if for example a Canadian travel agency offers “legal journeys to Cuba” on their websites, these journeys can very well be legal according to Canadian law, but not according to US law.

3. Letter of authorization
If you book your trip to Cuba ask for a a letter of authorization! Our program was developed strictly on the basis of the requirements of US authorities. The participators stay in Cuba on legal terms with the permission of the OFAC. They experience Cuban everyday-life from their arrival until their departure and receive classes by highly qualified dance and percussion teachers. If you book this journey, you will receive a letter of authorization for submission to authorities and insurances.

4. Prices
Legal travel to Cuba needs a lot of bureaucratic work and a very special travel plan. The providing of this service requires a lot of work and investments, special in our case offering a program that is totally different from what you will find elsewhere. However, the price of such a journey is still cheaper than the one offered by other legal tour operators. Certainly, our price is higher than the price of journeys offered by tour operators, who cannot provide a letter of authorization from the OFAC on your request.

We are offering something nobody else does ... Dance, music, rhythm and percussion determine a journey which makes you experience Cuba in a unique way.

Just contact Matthias to ask any question you might have!
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Latin Fitness, Reggaeton, Bachata News

We have just received a whole bunch of hot new compilations by the label Urban Latin Records. Especially, the CD Latin Workout/ Latin Fitness Power offers a mix of bachata, salsa, reggaeton, merengue und Urban Latin offering a perfect musical background not only for Zumba parties.

For all friends of reggaeton, there are even two double-CDs containing 73 titles altogether of this hip rhythm. "Te pintaron pajaritos en el aire" by Yandar y Yostin featuring Andy Rivera is already a big Youtube hit!

And if you have still more energy, why not try the following salsa sampler:

But we also keep in mind all romantic people and thus lovers of bachata. The following 20 titles make you dance and dream away:

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Electrotango at its best

Otros Aires and Narcotango: Two representatives of the top league of electrotango have released new CDs! Besides, there are two more new productions of young tango ensembles, Sentido del Tango and etango which show the variety of contemporary tango music.

10 years after the band's foundation, after 3 studio albums, 1 live album, one DVD and 24 tours through Europe, North and South America, Otros Aires is back with their fourth studio album "4". The album was produced and directed by the Argentinian musician and architect Miguel Di Genova and it mixes electrotango with new elements like hip hop, jazz, Latin, rock and funk. Otros Aires, again, manages to add new classics to tango. "4" contains amongst others a tango version of the Lou Reed classic "Perfect Day".

Otros Aires: Otros Aires 4

Music by Narcotango is always unique: It is clear and playful, modern and classic, danceable and perfect for simply listening. The musicians' virtuosity, the charismatic voices, the sophisticated arrangements - they all create the fascination for the audience. "Cuenco" (Water basin) is the title of this fourth album:

Cuenco that contains, vibrates,
transforms, cuenco that breathes,
expands, supports, cuenco that incites,
invites, travels and doubts,
each cuenco a messenger like a dream,
like the dance, like a game...

You can pre-order the CD now. The expected delivery date is June, 11th 2013.

Narcotango: Cuenco

Etango combines contemporary electronic sounds, beats and an expressive electric guitar with the traditional tango instruments bandoneon and violin. The 2012 album "Discoteca" contains mainly compositions by etango and follows the conception of a classic dance event with a mix of valses, milongas, tangos and neotangos.

etango: Discoteca

The trio "Sentido del Tango" met at the music conservatory in Warsaw. Since 2007 the play at concerts and milongas in Poland, and now they have released their debut album "Retrato". One clearly notes the inspiration of Astor Piazzolla when listening to the Piotr Kopietz (bandoneon, accordion), Gabriela Machowska-Kopietz (piano) and Mateusz Szemraj (guitar), but their are also some original compositions.

Sentido del Tango: Retrato

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Libanese Tango

To me, it is always fascinating how composers from various cultural environments enrich this music. In this context, I would like to point out Michael Ashjian, an artist living in the Libanon with Armanian-Libanese roots. Musically speaking, Ashjian has a classical background. After his parents became aware of his musical talent, he started to play the piano at the age of 8, and from then on, this remained his instrument.
CD "Tangomania" by Michael Ashjian

His debut album „Tangomania“ contains twelve compositions by him, and it was recorded in Buenos Aires in 2011 with a top-class cast: Eva Wolff (bandoneon), Pablo Agri (violin), Jorge Perez Tedesco (violoncello), Esteban Fallabella (guitar) and Daniel Falasco (double bass). You can buy the phsyical CD in our shop or download it:

CD "Tangomania" by Michael Ashjian

Have a look at the following pdf documents in French and Arabic for more information. The load time can be a bit longer as the data files are quite big...

Paper from Agenda Culturel

Paper from L'Hebdo

Paper from Dalil-Al-Nahar

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"Baila en Cuba" 2013

The festival I can really recommend exists since 8 years. For eight years now, we combine the festival participation with a group journey which makes you experience Cuba a lot more intensely than only by travelling to the festival. The dance school of "Danza y Movimiento" is located in the city center of Havana and this is where we also accommodate our guests in private houses. The high quality of these private accommodations is confirmed by everybody travelling with us. This may be the result of the high quality facilities and furnishing, but also of the friendly landlords we have been knowing for many years now.

The 2013 programme differs slightly from the one of the previous years. After your day of arrival you will get an intense insight into
Cuba's culture and dance. There is a culture day including a joint lunch in a very special ambience. And a vintage car cruise is also new
in the programme. Follow this link for detailed information:

Festival "Baila en Cuba" 2013 with Danza y Movimiento
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Viva Cuba! New Salsa by Manolín

Manolín, el Médico de la Salsa represents Cuban Salsa-Timba at its best that makes you dance. You can't help it! The 16 tracks of his new album also show traces of reggaetón, house and rap, and friend of romantic music will also enjoy the listen.
Try it:

Manolín, el Médico de la Salsa: Tiene que ser Manolín

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I Love Salsa and Bachata 2013

The new annual samplers are here. The list of performing artists is impressive: Luis Miguel del Amargue, Frank Reyes, Yoskar Sarante and many more and on the bachata compilation, Juan Formell y Los Van Van, Issac Delgado und Pupy y Los Que Son Son amongs others on the salsa sampler. Listen to the tracks an get into the mood:

Varios: I Love Bachata 2013

Varios: I Love Salsa 2013

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Bajofondo: Presente - Finally, the new album is here!

After a rather long break, the masters of electronic tango have an impressive return. They take us on a fascinating journey with a kaleidoscope of various styles, which unite in perfect harmony thanks to the magnificent musicians supporting Gustavo Santaolalla. Tango, milonga, folk, rock, jazz, classical and electronic music - they all take part, and as soon as one track takes you along on the musical journey, the next one will surely give you the next beautiful surprise. Don't miss out on this experience:

Bafofondo: Presente

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The DyM Easter egg! Limited offer ...

Free choice from our stock! Make sure now to get the best CDs!

Salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, tango, Latin pop, Brazil and much more!

This is the new stock reduction special offer:
For the price of 5,99 Euro per CD (Latin and Brazil) or 9,99 Euro per tango-CD you can choose the CDs you like from the range of in-stock CDs!

The special offer lasts until Friday after Easter, thus until April 5th.

Please note the conditions below describing the special offer in detail.

Have fun selecting from our music shop:

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You should know this:
- Minimum order: 25 single CDs, price per CD: 5,99/9,99 Euro, Advance payment. We also charge the respective shipment costs to your address for dispatch.
- If your order includes boxes of two or more CDs or CDs with special packaging, we will make you a price offer for them which you can chose or reject.
- We reserve the right that some CDs might not be available due to stock shortfall or that they cannot be sold at special price conditions due to arrangements with the suppliers. We will then cutout the CD/s from your order. This does not imply a right to withdraw from the whole order.
- In many cases, there is only one copy of a CD in stock. So please keep in mind, that the CD is only yours after having completed the purchase and not after having put the CD in your shopping cart. (If another customer completes the purchase first, this last CD in stock will not be part of the offer any more…)
- Don’t be surprised: The shop tells you the normal prices, but we will only charge you the special offer price.
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Tango international

The Berlin based music label "Oriente" is well known for its exclusive repertoire of tango from all over the world, for example from Russia, Poland and Rumania. Now, there are two new CDs showing the worldwide enthusiasim for tango: "Istanbul Tango 1927-1953" from the series "Old World Tangos " and the second CD by Karsten Troyke "Noch amul! Tango oyf Yiddish Vol. 2".

This is worthwhile listening to!

Karsten Troyke: Noch amul!

The booklet shows the texts in English, Yiddisch, German and Hebrew.

This is what "Oriente" writes about the CD:

Even if Tango was born in Argentina, Yiddish is its second language. We prove, once again.

Considering the surprising success of “Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts” (Oriente RIENCD59), our first attempt to fill in the blank of Tango sung in Yiddish, it was a logical consequence (and a pleasure, too) to ask Karsten Troyke for another volume of the “Tango oyf Yiddish” series.

Again, Troyke and his musicians deliver “smooth renditions of lovesongs despite betrayal and as a remedy for sadness. Accordion, violin, clarinet and double bass sweep aloft the melodies.” (Hadassah Magazine) “There’s a history of Tango in Jewish theatre and art songs, and that’s apparent in the perfect fit of lyrics and slinky melodies. Troyke himself is an adept Yiddish singer. It’s not a pretty voice, by any means, but roughly expressive and very masculine – lived in. It’s not an album for scholars, by any means; in fact, it’s perfectly possible that the backing trio of accordion, violin and bass might well have you moving around the room with their easy virtuosity. These people are commited to their art form (Troyke is one of the leading contemporary Yiddish singers).” (Sing Out, from a review of “Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts”)

Varios: Istanbul Tango 1927-1953

The booklet contains interesting information on Turkish tango and its most important artists in English, Turkish and German.

This is what "Oriente" writes about the CD:

Welcome to old Istanbul! The fourth release of the successfull series „Old World Tangos“ by Oriente Musik deals with the golden era of Turkish tango. Recorded between 1927 and 1953 the tracks on this release will take you to the first decades of the Turkish Republic and introduce to you the Tango composers and singers of that time. Their tango was partly imported by translating the lyrics into Turkish and partly reinvented by mixing it with traditional Turkish music. Artists like Fehmi Ege, Celal İnce, Seyyan Hanım and İbrahim Özgür make this release an adventure of the gramophone era in Turkey. Find out about the unique path that the Turks forged in the history of world tango with the original recordings on „Istanbul Tango 1927-1953“.

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Overstock reduction / Bargain prices for CDs!

Good news for dance schools, resellers and everybody who wants to extend his or her CD collection:
Because of structural alteration works in our warehouse we reduce our stock, The prices are super!

This offer is for all the friends of Latin American music!

A mix of individual CDs, the emphasis chosen by you can be Latin or Brasil and the assortment will be made by us... (only some few Tango CDs can be included ...)

Offer 1: 25 CDs for 119.- Euro + shipment
Offer 2: 50 CDs for 199.- Euro + shipment
Offer 3: 100 CDs for 299.- Euro + shipment

The offer for resellers and dance schools!

Purchase of at least 25 pieces per CD. Minimum purchase amount 500.-
Euro. The price per CD is 4.- Euro or even below. We will send a list
of available titles by email on request. You choose the CDs included
in the box. We offer extra price reductions for the purchase of larger
purchase quantities. The prices indicated in the offer for resellers
do not include VAT and shipment costs.

Our special offer is valid until the sale of overstock and ends on
March 8th, 2013. The CDs are first-hand, some of which are also
shrinkwrapped. Please use our contact form in case of interest.
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