Tantra journey 2018

Tantra Basics in Italy

A retreat in the Apennine Mountains from August 29 to September 5, 2018
Meditation, Dance, Yoga, Massage, Breathing, Relaxing

You want to know what Tantra is? In this one-week retreat, you can experience Tantra ... at your pace, in your individual approach ... supported by a group that is in touch with you and gives you room to make new experiences with yourself ... in a beautiful seminar house in the mountains of the Apennines... in a place where your breath can flow and your eyes relax with a view of the gentle mountainslopes for a few days.

Tantra is not what you expect. And Tantra has nothing to do with better sex or a happy relationship. Although Tantra doesn‘t mind if your sexual life and your relationship(s) are becoming more exciting. First of all, Tantra is an encounter with yourself. Yoga and meditation help us. We dance, breathe, meet each other in different ways. We explore the basics of massage and relaxation exercises where you get in touch with yourself and others. We share our experience with words.

If you have never had anything to do with tantra, dance, meditation or yoga, this ist the right spot for you. If you already have experience in tantra, dance, meditation or yoga, you will find yourself enriched with new experiences. Allow yourself to be surprised...

The course and design of the week are based on the dynamics that develop within the group. This approach according to timing asks for your consent to surrender yourself into timelessness. This has a deeply relaxing component and allows you to take a lot of time for yourself.

Travel dates: 29.08. until 05.09.2017

For accommodation in the multi-bedded room and full board is 595.- Euro per person. The seminar fee is 850.- Euro.

Start of the seminar: 29.08.2017 at 5 pm
End of seminar: 05.09.2017 after breakfast
Information on a flexible arrival with additional overnight stay below ...

Please read the following details carefully since they contain further information about the trip:

  • After having proceeded your reservation with us you can immediatelly book arrival and departure. The trip is confirmed!
  • In a multiple-bed room, you share a room with one to three others.
  • There are a few single rooms. The surcharge depends on the size of the available rooms.
  • The number of participants in this group is a maximum of 20 people.
  • Participation in all exercises is voluntary and takes place on your own responsibility.
  • If you register as a couple, you decide yourselves, which exercises you participate in together and whether you want to be open to the group.
  • Flexible arrival and departuretime: Your arrival is possible starting tuesday, 28th of August 5 pm and departure is possible until Saturday, September 8th after breakfast. Ask for an offer for more nights ...
  • Getting there is individual and not included in the price. The nearest airports are Parma, Bologna and Milan. From Parma there is a bus to Traversetolo or San Polo D‘Enzo. From Bologna, take the train via Reggio Emilia to Ciano d‘Enzo. From Traversetolo, San Polo or Ciano you can be picked up (10.- Euro). We will gladly explain a route for you individually in further detail. You will also receive a plan to arrive by car.
  • You receive two separate bills from us: one from the Viamas GmbH for accommodation and meals, the other from the „Julia and Matthias Möbius GbR“ about the seminar fee.
  • Upon receipt of your booking via our bookingform, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Invoices will be written as soon as the minimum number of participants is reached or in case you ask to withdraw from your booking.
  • In the case of a travel cancellation, Viamas GmbH will charge a 20% up to 30 days before departure. From the 30th day before the beginning of the journey the full price per person is due. If in the event of a cancellation a substitute participant is suggested and accepted by us, we will only retain a fee of 75.- Euro from the paid travel price and refund everything immediately.
  • In the case of a travel cancellation, the „Julia und Matthias Möbius GbR“ will charge 200.- Euro per person up to the 30th day before the start of the trip. From the 30th day before the beginning of the journey the full price per person is due. If a substitute participant is suggested and accepted by us in the event of a cancellation, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 75.- Euro from the seminar fee paid and refund everything immediately.
  • On request a reduction of the seminarprice is possible. Financial reasons should not be hinderance if you want to have this experience with Tantra.
  • For bookings and inquiries please use our form.
  • Mobile phones: we recommend enjoying the week as a ‚time out‘ from your everyday life, and to give in your mobile phone to the workshop administration. Should you wish to keep your mobile phone in your room for work or family reasons, then it is to be set on silent mode for the entire duration of the workshop and only to be used in the designated areas. You are responsible that none of the other participants overhear your using your mobile phone.
  • Alcohol: we recommend abstaining from alcohol during the week. Your senses will be sharpened through the exercises and environment and you will be thus stimulated in a particular way.
  • Please consider whether and which travel insurance you require. It is often sensible to get a travel and medical insurance. Insurance can usually be easily taken out online and should contain the price of all travel costs, including transportation costs.



Whats special about our seminar house ...

... apart from the unique location of the house, there are a few things which truely make this a wonderful place to come to:

On site there are no other groups during our stay. And since there are no neighbors in the vicinity we are all by ourselves.

In the last few years the Italian seminar house team has shown that it is able to adjust to personal wishes and is willing to sync in with the dynamics of our groups. Because of that it is possible to adjust daily routines to the needs of the group, since we do not have to comply with prescribed eating times. The times for meals are adjusted almost daily.

The food is rich, delicious and vegetarian. The more creative our group, the more creative the kitchen becomes. Even non-vegetarians have never missed anything in recent years. Individual dishes for vegans and people who eat solely raw-food were prepared. Attention is paid to incompatibilities and special wishes.

Also: everything is available: bed linen, towels, blankets, seat cushions, yoga and massage mats.

Through its large windows the bright group room (with a pointed roof) offers a great view over 80 km of mountain panorama. The professional music system creates a perfect sound.

And if you ever have the need to dive off sometime, we will lead you to a natural mud bathing area, where you can sink in the mineral mud and even swim according to water level and season.

The small slideshow may give you some impressions from the place, which is waiting for you ...