Hyperion Ensemble: New CD

The Hyperion Ensemble is based in the Italian La Spezia and it presents its 8th tango production with "Remembranzas". The ensemble from wild Liguria has gained a leading position within the European tango scene and it ranks among the most important current tango orchestras worldwide.

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The project of this new release is strictly following the previous one, "Epoca de oro" (2011), wishing to bring to new life the music of the historical orchestras of the 40s and 50s; this is the meaning of the title "Remembranzas", which is also one of the best songs of the CD. (The Spanish term "Remembranza" is linked closely to the Argentinian tango and it signifies something like a "memory of something that is past". Don't be surprised - some Spanish dictionaries don't even list this word...)

"Remembranzas" has been entirely recorded live, in various Festivals around Europe, with the sole exception of the last track, "La Cumparsita", recorded in studio. This has been done with the aim to maintain in the recordings the highly emotional atmosphere of the milongas, when the dancers, with the musicians, are celebrating together this wonderful mystery that is tango: As that famous lyric says, "el tango es rito y es religión, orquestas criollas son sus altares, y el sacerdote su bandoneón..."

Actually this CD is an adequate portrait of the Hyperion Ensemble in this moment of its life and activity, developing itself mainly in festivals or in shows with dancers, moving hundreds of people with the rhythm of the music by D'Arienzo, Fresedo, Varela etc. reinterpreted with a modern concept of sound and orchestration. The appreciated typical sound of the Hyperion Ensemble derives also from the use of the flute and guitar, two unusual instruments in Orquestas típicas but, actually, two essential instruments in Tango back since his origin in 1880. The vocals in this album are performed by the Argentinian singer Ruben Peloni, appreciated for his melodic and romantic interpretation and for his smooth and soft voice timbre.

This is an example of the many recordings with the Ensemble Hyperion to be found in the internet that demonstrates how beautiful tango dancing can be:

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Saturday, 25 March 2023