Why it is important to us, that you download tango in OUR shop,

and although everything works more easily with other providers like iTunes or Amazon: and surely you already have an answer which might be that we want to earn money... Yes, this is completely correct - we want your money! But not because of the reasons you might think of. Apart from the fact that we enjoy earning money and that we are fine with becoming rich - if it would be possible with an independent download shop like ours anyway. Unfortunately, it is impossible ...

The laws of market economy, which apply also to the internet, are different: Everybody has the chance to become rich, but only few succeed. This is called monopolisation and no matter which commercial sector you might look at - this principle always applies! With due respect to your belief in the freedom of economy. This is something like believing in Santa Claus. And you are free to believe in this freedom... . But it is not for nothing that this freedom is called "neoliberalism“, thus "the new freedom". The new freedom is a form of dictatorship, which makes us believe that we are free and that all participants of the market can develop and spread themselves freely.

What does all this have to do with tango and our download shop? A simple answer: Nowadays, music is mainly bought by (still) two monopolists. As the purchase on their platforms is advertised everywhere, as it requires less effort and as the music in these shops can be found more quickly by the search engines, an independent shop hardly generates a turnover which allows its owners to finance themselves at all. This does not only affect us but also others. In other words, this signifies that we can only maintain our shop and the service implied if you don't spare the extra effort to buy your music with us. Only then, the shop can work at least cost-effectively.

To reject monopolisation is an individual process and it is not important what the others do. Our shop offers a lot of tango, about 5000 titles.
We are looking forward to your visit!

This the way to find good music!

Please us the filter you will find on the right below "categories" if you want that the shop only shows music available for download.
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Wednesday, 29 May 2024