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Otros Aires and Narcotango: Two representatives of the top league of electrotango have released new CDs! Besides, there are two more new productions of young tango ensembles, Sentido del Tango and etango which show the variety of contemporary tango music.

10 years after the band's foundation, after 3 studio albums, 1 live album, one DVD and 24 tours through Europe, North and South America, Otros Aires is back with their fourth studio album "4". The album was produced and directed by the Argentinian musician and architect Miguel Di Genova and it mixes electrotango with new elements like hip hop, jazz, Latin, rock and funk. Otros Aires, again, manages to add new classics to tango. "4" contains amongst others a tango version of the Lou Reed classic "Perfect Day".

Otros Aires: Otros Aires 4

Music by Narcotango is always unique: It is clear and playful, modern and classic, danceable and perfect for simply listening. The musicians' virtuosity, the charismatic voices, the sophisticated arrangements - they all create the fascination for the audience. "Cuenco" (Water basin) is the title of this fourth album:

Cuenco that contains, vibrates,
transforms, cuenco that breathes,
expands, supports, cuenco that incites,
invites, travels and doubts,
each cuenco a messenger like a dream,
like the dance, like a game...

You can pre-order the CD now. The expected delivery date is June, 11th 2013.

Narcotango: Cuenco

Etango combines contemporary electronic sounds, beats and an expressive electric guitar with the traditional tango instruments bandoneon and violin. The 2012 album "Discoteca" contains mainly compositions by etango and follows the conception of a classic dance event with a mix of valses, milongas, tangos and neotangos.

etango: Discoteca

The trio "Sentido del Tango" met at the music conservatory in Warsaw. Since 2007 the play at concerts and milongas in Poland, and now they have released their debut album "Retrato". One clearly notes the inspiration of Astor Piazzolla when listening to the Piotr Kopietz (bandoneon, accordion), Gabriela Machowska-Kopietz (piano) and Mateusz Szemraj (guitar), but their are also some original compositions.

Sentido del Tango: Retrato

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