Quo vadis "Danza y Movimiento"?

Today, we are giving you a short overview concerning the upcoming changes at "Danza y Movimiento". We will keep offering music and travels in the future – still, there will be a lot of changes…

Music department – CD sales and downloads in our own shop
We withdraw from this department. After many other legal adjustments, which had already made survival really hard for small suppliers, the new directive on the VAT system* that became effective on January 1st 2015, determined our end. This concerns our Club, which is influenced by the new tax regulations just like the download titles we offer. Until April 30th it will still be possible to order CDs in our shop. From then on, the ordering function will be deleted in our shop. However, we will still produce music and provide it via other online portals like for example iTunes. So our ambitious work will continue especially regarding tango…

Music department – music rights
We will develop this department further. This is interesting for everybody wanting to acquire music rights for their own productions. And nowadays this concerns especially audio-visual productions. We can offer a huge selection regarding tango music. No matter if you need music for a movie, a dance instruction DVD or just as the background music for a short video clip on Facebook, YouTube or your own website – we can offer thousands of titles. As we can also grant the right of use for more than 350 copyright-free tango tracks, our offer is highly interesting for producers of small or large films as well as for organizers of tango events. Quite often “copyright-free” is mistaken for music free of any other rights. Thus, we offer the possibility to use music legally and to guarantee that you will not have any legal problem on the basis of our contracts.

Travel department
We will also expand this department: Tango in Argentina and Uruguay and especially our unique offer for dance and music vacations in Cuba. You cannot only book our all-year programme there (like for Buenos Aires and Montevideo), but there are regular individual journeys for small groups. We have legal offers for Americans to travel to Cuba Everybody who would like to learn “Salsa en Linea“, also called “New-York-Style”, is in good hands with us when travelling to Mexico (information in German language). It is possible to combine dance classes with cultural activities and Spanish language classes in all the countries mentioned.

Our newsletter and our blog will keep providing you with detailed information concerning all the topics mentioned here.

*Short information on the topic “Directive on the VAT system”
According to the new directive, all electronically provided services are subject to value-added tax in the country of the consumer. In other words, this means for our business that we as the vendor are obliged to submit a tax declaration in every single country of the customers who download music from our shop or pay a club membership fee. We have to charge every customer the VAT applicable in the specific country and indicate the tax amount on the respective invoice.
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