Libanese Tango

To me, it is always fascinating how composers from various cultural environments enrich this music. In this context, I would like to point out Michael Ashjian, an artist living in the Libanon with Armanian-Libanese roots. Musically speaking, Ashjian has a classical background. After his parents became aware of his musical talent, he started to play the piano at the age of 8, and from then on, this remained his instrument.
CD "Tangomania" by Michael Ashjian

His debut album „Tangomania“ contains twelve compositions by him, and it was recorded in Buenos Aires in 2011 with a top-class cast: Eva Wolff (bandoneon), Pablo Agri (violin), Jorge Perez Tedesco (violoncello), Esteban Fallabella (guitar) and Daniel Falasco (double bass). You can buy the phsyical CD in our shop or download it:

CD "Tangomania" by Michael Ashjian

Have a look at the following pdf documents in French and Arabic for more information. The load time can be a bit longer as the data files are quite big...

Paper from Agenda Culturel

Paper from L'Hebdo

Paper from Dalil-Al-Nahar

Electrotango at its best
"Baila en Cuba" 2013


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