New Tango CDs

We have just received some new tango productions we would like to present to you. Two of the three CDs are dedicated mainly to classic tango, the last album presented here is an example of top quality electrotango.

Ariel Ardit: Yo lo canto hoy

Ariel Ardit wants to revitalise classic tango and to make it sound modern. For this means, he mainly uses titles that have not been interpreted millions of times before. Besides, he recorded five compositions of contemporary composers. The Orquesta Típica instrumentation is highly convincing as well as Ardit's voice which transmits the melodiousness of the tango titles without becoming syrupy.

Veronika Silva y Las Bordonas: Mano A Mano

The singer Verónika Silva used to tour with the Gotan Project from 2003 to 2006. This album is a cooperation with the trio Las Bordonas (Javier Amoretti, musical director and guitar), Ignacio Cedrún (voice and guitar) and Martín Creixell (guitar and guitarrón) and presents 12 tangos, waltzes and french chansons. Silva's charismatic voice as well as the minimalist instrumentation make this album a real listening pleasure not only for tango enthusiasts.

Ultratango: Esencial

10 years after their debut album "Astornautas" the Argentinian electrotango band has released "Esencial". Here you will find titles penned by Piazzollas and also by the brothers Satragno, the founders of "Ultratango". The voice on two tracks is the one of Raúl Lavie, their father. Ultratango emphasise the fact that their music is not the result of mere DJ-sample-work, but that they strive to preserve the original character of the original compositions in their modern arrangements by using traditional tango instruments like the bandoneón as well as for example the synthesizer.

New CD by "Quinteto Angel"
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