Tango Voices

Amelita Baltar, Omar Mollo, Noelia Moncada and Diego el Cigala: These voices touch everybody and they deserve to be pointed out here in a special way.

Amelita Baltar: El Nuevo Rumbo

This new album by the Argentian singer Amelita Baltar includes versions of titles by Piazzollas, as well as folklore and own compositions, like Sería fácil decir, Viaje sin luna and El nuevo rumbo. Renowned guest artists are Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Fernando Ruiz Díaz, Luis Salinas, Leopoldo Federico, Paz Lenchantin, Hernán Jacinto, Raúl Carnota, Flaco Bustos, Pablo Mainetti and Leo Genovese.

Omar Mollo: Barrio Sur

Omar Mollo is the winner of Premio Carlos Gardel 2013 with his album Barrio Sur. He won the prize for "Best album of a male singer" and he interprets classic titles like Naranjo en flor, Cuando me entres a fallar and Afiches as well as contemporary compositions by for example Luis Alberto Spinetta and Andrés Ciro Martínez.

Noelia Moncada: Marioneta

Noelia Moncada has already worked with various tango orchestras like for example Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce, Sexteto de Raúl Garello, Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the Orquesta El Arranque and is currently one of the most charismatic female tango singers.

Diego El Cigala: Romance De La Luna Tucumana

Diego el Cigala is one of the most important flamenco artists today, but he has enlarged his repertoire in the last years. He discovered his love for Cuban music and also for tango. His interpretations are fascinating and unique, and his incomparable voice gives a captivating charm to the songs. Compare his version of Naranjo en flor to the one by Omar Mollo and experience the interesting different approaches.
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