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Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy

Dance journeys, theatre and music, Spanish, active travelling

Welcome to the specialised travel agency "Danza y Movimiento Travels"! My name is Matthias Möbius and I have selected and composed our programme personally. My recommendations are

  • Cuba, where we offer a complete range of services for individual travellers and groups since 1996. There is a stress on salsa and other popular dances, Spanish, percussion, musical instruments, singing lessons and contemporary dance.
    People to people: Legal tours to Cuba with Salsa and Percussion from USA!
  • Argentina, where our emphasis, apart from tango courses, is in the area of modern dance and physical training, competent Spanish classes, many cultural offers, like round trips to Patagonia, Salta or Iguazu.
  • Uruguay, a travel destination which we consider an extension of our Argentina programme for learning and practising tango and Spanish.
  • Italy, where we offer courses for self-development and holistic bodywork (see Specials) and tango courses in co-operation.

The factor "time" plays a vital role for a holiday with a high value of experience and recreation. So we recommend for the study of our travel pages to take your time for dealing with our large range of offers. There are group journeys and many travel modules that can be combined to an individual journey. You receive consultation and we have arranged some individual journeys examples for you.

You don't have to bring along any previous knowledge or requirements for the courses. But your openness for the country you are travelling to is helpful. We try to consider all your desires and we are happy about beginners and professionals of all age-groups. If families travel together we try to make sure that neither the children nor the parents don't miss out on anything. Besides, we look for suitable accommodations for handicapped travellers and for attendance during the holiday, if desired.

A person from my team or myself are happy to advise you when preparing your journey. Please also have a look at the many informative travel feedbacks of our guests as well as at our general terms and conditions.