You have landed on the website where until a while ago you could find travel offers from "Danza y Movimiento".

We have moved.

We are building a small retreat center in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on the Canary Island of El Hierro. Here you can spend some time out in lovely guest houses for 1-4 people and, if you wish, take advantage of offers for meditation, dance, massages and more. We often hear from our guests that they feel like they have arrived in paradise here …

Our new website with the offers on El Hierro is www.finca-la-paz.com/en

Before we moved there were offers for cultural and dance trips to Cuba, Argentina and some other countries on these pages. As a result of the political measures from 2020 to 2022, we unfortunately had to stop our tour operator activities.

You can still find out about the activities in the music sector in the Danza y Movimiento music blog.

Hierro Charco Manzo 1 700 Matthias