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Cuba with Matthias from 06 - 20 February 2021

Exactly 25 years ago there were the first dance courses with "Danza y Movimiento" in Cuba. We have been a pioneer for many things that came later. We have often been copied and our offers are still unique. After 25 years in Cuba and a lot of experience Matthias decided to personally complete the offer "Cuba travel". The program in February 2021 tells of 25 years of development in Cuba and shows Havana without filters as it is now. Please register well in advance.

In the center of the journey planned for February 2021 will be

  • The Cuban way of dancing Salsa
  • an in-depth look behind the scenes of Cuba
  • Additional offers for centering mind and body (yoga, meditation)
  • Sharing and reflection with the group

You benefit from 25 years of experience with Cuban tours, which we have developed from the beginning in direct cooperation with the Cuban people. This trip will enable you to take an attentive and at the same time critical look at Cuba, for which there is no comparable offer from other tour operators.

The Cuban way of dancing Salsa
The program of the trip contains all elements of our travel classic "Muevete a lo Cubano" - dance lessons for all levels. You will meet experienced professional teachers and qualified dance partners. Our methodology allows different levels in a room to get their money's worth. Standard comment of most of our guests: "What I learned here in two weeks was more than in two years of teaching in my hometown ...".

An in-depth look behind the scenes of Cuba
You will stay in carefully selected casas particulares, where you will find privacy and comfort that some hotels lack. We bring the group into contact with Cubans at several meetings who would not normally seek contact with tourists. Just normal Cubans ... On these evenings you will get to know Cuba in a way that gives you unique insights into Cuban everyday life.

Additional offers for centering mind and body
We live in the lively centre of Havana near the Capitolio. The selected accommodations are relatively quiet. And yet day after day you are exposed to many new impressions, which all want to be digested. Various offers with elements of meditation and yoga support you in looking at what you encounter from a greater inner peace. No previous knowledge is expected and you take part when and how often you like.

Exchange and reflection in the group
In some sharing rounds, the group has the opportunity to exchange experiences during the trip.

A few extras: At the beginning of the trip, you can take a tour to get to know the old town and visit the beaches of Havana, which are about 20km from the centre. In addition to Matthias as your travel companion, there is an English-speaking Cuban tour guide who is available to answer any practical questions you may have during your stay and who will also be happy to help with any queries you may have. On two evening tours with a salsa guide and Cuban dance partners you will learn where to go dancing in Havana and how to dance in Havana.

You have the opportunity to exchange experiences with Matthias as an experienced observer of life in Cuba. Life in Cuba is different from life in other countries. In our experience, many questions arise during a stay in Cuba for people who travel consciously ...

So if you want to experience Cuba a little deeper, this is your program! No matter how old you are, no matter if you have any previous knowledge. Please also read the report of a travel participant from the last trip with Matthias in 2018.

The price for accommodation in a double room of a Casa Particular (private pension) is 1950.- Euro per person.


Book NOW* and pay only 1795.- Euro!

Arrival day: Saturday, 06.02.2021 (or earlier)
Start of program: Sunday, 10 a.m. (city tour)
Departure day: Saturday, 20.02.2021 (or later)

You can also participate in this travel program if your flight dates differ from the group travel dates and you want to come a few days earlier or travel home later.

Included in the price of this group journey offer (if not indicated differently):

  • Individual airport transfer on arrival and departure
  • Accommodation (14 nights including breakfast)
  • 10 x 90min Salsa with individual Cuban dance partner (DyM - methodology)
  • 10 x 60min Movimiento (Isolation training)
  • Englishspeaking Cuban tourguide from Feb 07-19
  • Travel companion will be Matthias giving an introduction and will be sharing his own experience on Cuban life with you
  • Several meetings with Cubans for exchange of information and opinions
  • Some meetings for everyone who likes to practise yoga and meditation
  • Havana dances: two dance tours with Salsa leaders and dance partners
  • City tour showing you the old part of Havana
  • Day trip to the beaches of Playas del Este
  • Possibilities to eat and dance together (costs involved are not included in the price)
  • On request, Salsa-certificate for successful participation in the course


Please read the following details attentively, because they include more information on the journey:


  • Single room additional costs for a Casa Particular: 270.- Euro.
  • We recommend you enjoy your dinner in your private pension. The surcharge for half board is 15.- euro per person/night.
  • Single travellers can choose the option "double room" when booking. You pay the single room price first, but we will refund you 12.- per night shortly after the journey when sharing the room with another person of the group.
  • On request, we can also calculate an individual offer for the program staying at any other hotel in Havana preferred by you.
  • Getting there: Individual and not included in the price. On request, we can give you the contact information of an experienced agency for flights from our network.
  • To participate you should speak English or Spanish. But we also speak a little French and Italian.
  • Do you want to travel with children? Cuba likes children... We organise special offers for children or teenagers and also for younger children.
  • For bookings and inquiries, please use our form.
  • We will confirm your application by email. You receive a written travel confirmation/invoice by mail or as a pdf-document by email after all the services included are confirmed. Deviating from our general terms, the deposit for this journey is 30% of the travel price per person. Please pay the rest of the invoice amount 30 days prior to the start of your journey. In case of cancellation of your journey, the following amounts have to be paid per person: Up to 30 days prior to the start of your journey 30% of the travel price, starting from the 29th to the 15th day prior to the start of your journey: 60% of the travelprice. Starting from the 14th day prior to the start of your journey the information published in our general terms are valid. If you don't live in the EU or the UK and the payment is made by credit card, we will charge your credit card account with the corresponding amounts.
  • We recommend you to complete a travel insurrence.
  • If your arrival or departure dates should vary due to flight schedules, or if you simply wish to arrive earlier or to stay longer, we calculate the extra nights/ services separately.
  • Please do not forget to tell us about your previous Salsa knowledge when booking.
  • The trip has not yet been confirmed at the current time as described above. The reduced price applies until confirmation of the program described above. The minimum number of participants for the program as described above is ten. In case this number is not reached, we offer an alternative program with a focus on "Salsa and Movimiento".


For more information on the content of the journey or the travel management, please contact us by using our contact page. If the travel dates of this journey should not suit you, please note that we offer Salsa courses in small groups throughout the year! You can get more information here.


A participant of the trip in 2018, writes:

The way you offered to go on holiday was absolutely unique and enormously enriching from my point of view.

The individually arranged dance course in the collective was a lot of fun, the teachers and the dance partners were well prepared, responded to us, were courteous, competent, nice, funny and very discreet for Cubans.

The group was great, for me it was nice to learn a lot about Cuba, its history, its politics, the mentality of the people, thanks to your excellent support and not least thanks to my knowledge of Spanish. Many things were absolutely new for me, many things I had already heard about Cuba and its people got a completely different taste by experiencing them up close.

My Casa Particular was a lonely peak, the landlady was Number One, both in terms of living and food. I felt very comfortable. Not least thanks to the interesting conversations I had with her, but also with my new girlfriend and roommate.

The time was very short - two weeks isn't much - but your contacts enabled us to make the most of this time. Everyone could do it in their own way, the flexible and thanks to the small group individual programming was ideal. And precisely because it was so intensive, it took me a relatively long time, about 10 days, until I was at home again. Many days after Cuba, the music and its rhythm reverberated again in my body. Great experience.

Your work in Cuba is a great opportunity, because otherwise something like this is not offered and because the enrichment of your customers takes place on many levels. Always remember how valuable your work is! I will certainly travel to Cuba again.