Matthias macht so einiges ... Reisen, Musik, Tanz, Yoga und Bewusstseinsprojekte ... und noch mehr ...

Juan Carlos Cáceres: Utopia

The musician with the characteristic, husky voice is back with a new album: "Utopía". His Tango, which is a fusion of various rhythms like Tango, Milonga, Candombe and Murga, is admired by music enthusiasts and dancers alike. The percussion elements add a dynamic and fascinating rhythm to the tracks. The singer, trombonist, pianist, composer and painter Cáceres has lived in Paris for many years and calls his music "Tango Negro".

The CD is now ready for immediate delivery.

CD Utopia by Cáceres in our shop
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Bajofondo: Mar Dulce

This is the new release by Bajofondo, which has been eagerly awaited by all friends of Electrotango. Tango meets Candombe, Milonga, Electro and Hip-Hop, and an exciting composition of rhythms and sounds emerges, which turns out to be harmonious. The list of artists involved in the project is also fascinating: Ryota Komatsu, Elvis Costello, Mala Rodríguez, Nelly Furtado and Lágrima Ríos, together with the Argentinian and Uruguayan musicians of Bajofondo, enchant the audience of "Mar Dulce".

CD Mar Dulce by Bajofondo in our shop

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DVD "Más Tango"

The producers Anja Hansmann and Sebastian Schnabel are on a quest for the "real tango" and they make us participate in their journey through Buenos Aires. This is a multi-facetted documentary about the phenomenon of tango. It shows the passion for tango from a traditional and a modern perspective, from young dance couples and dancers who have visited the milongas for decades already. Some of the music is by Otros Aires and Narcotango, who have had a great influence on the development of Electrotango.
The movie is in Spanish language with English and German subtitles.

DVD Más Tango in our shop
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New Latin CDs

The last shipments brought us some very recommendable CDs, amongst them LA 33, Frank Reyes and many more. Sometimes there are also "new entries" of CDs which were not published this year. Classic CDs, like for example the SAR/ Guajiro Records productions disappear from the market from time to time and reappear again. Thus, we add them to our page of recommendation for Salsa new releases, just like the CDs by Edwin Bonilla and George Delgado, which are new in our catalogue.

CD Gozalo by LA 33 in our shop
Salsa from Colombia - full of power and perfect for dancing.

CD Te regalo el mar by Frank Reyes in our shop
Bachata without Frank Reyes is impossible. His new production, again, is a gem for his fans.

CD Tirando Pa' Charanga by Edwin Bonilla and Jesus Perez in our shop
Fine Charanga which takes you to Cuba.

CD Mi ritmo llego by George Delgado in our shop
This CD is a must for every Salsa collection.

The following links lead you to more new entries:

Salsa New Releases in our shop

Merengue and Bachata New Releases in our shop

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Manu Chao: La Radiolina

Manu Chao: La Radiolina

The former lead singer of the band "Mano Negra", which was extremely popular in the independent music scene in the 1980s and 1990s, has already recorded some other solo albums, like "Clandestino-Esperando la última Ola" and "Próxima Estación Esperanza". Now he is back and moves us with intelligent, contemporary lyrics which are critical without being presumptuous and which represent the sound of urban world music in combination with catchy melodies.

CD La Radiolina by Manu Chao in our shop
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Gloria Estefan: 90 Millas

For more than 20 years, this artist has been in the music business now. Starting with the album "Mi Tierra" (1993), which she recorded in her mother tongue Spanish, she became a star also of Latin music. "90 Millas", a tribute to great Latin musicians of the last 50 years, is her new release. Guest stars on this CD are Andy García, Arturo Sandoval, Cachao, Carlos Santana, Chocolate, Generoso, Giovanni Hidalgo and many others.

CD 90 Millas by Gloria Estefan in our shop
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Tango-series of rare recordings

The series Vinyl Replica consists of 20 CDs. The original sound recordings are records from the decade 1960-1970. They have never been published before on CD and they were remastered for the production of the CDs. Thus, collectors of Tango music will love these new releases.

The following link leads you to the general starting page of our CD-catalogue. Then, you simply have to search for the following term: Vinyl Replica

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Back Orders

Only a few more days for your back orders!

This is just to remind you, because it might be your last chance to order CDs you always wanted to buy: If you place your order until September, 30th, we will order the CDs which are currently not in stock for the last time. From then on, you will only find an “Add to cart”-button if the article is still in stock. And only until the respective article is sold out. As stated above, we will only sell CDs which can be delivered immediately, starting from October ...
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Salsa Festival Havana 2007

Another 59 days until the group journey Salsa Festival in Havana!

If you want to take part in our Salsa group journey to the international Salsa meeting in Havanna from 17/11/07 - 01/12/07 you should start looking for a flight now. For more information concerning the offer of 2 weeks intensive Salsa dancing, please use the following link:

Travel information

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Tango Literature

"Embracing Tango" is the new book by Benzecry Sabá, in which the author deals with the Tango world from various perspectives. On the one hand, he explains the technique of the dance and describes both the posture as well as basic steps, ocho and turns. He also gives an entertaining list of codes and strategies which guarantee a successful evening at the milonga. Thus, everybody who always wanted to know who asks whom to dance in which way and if kissing is allowed, should have a look at this book:

Book "Embracing Tango" by Benzecry Sabá in our shop

The book is also available in Spanish, French and German.
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Tango bargains

We have added a new page of recommendation to our webshop. On this page you will only find Tango CDs and other music from Argentina. Thus, you can fully concentrate on your favourite music without having to spot the genre amongst a large number of Latin and Brazil CDs. Enjoy browsing!

Special offers Tango and Argentina
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Do you value our music shop 175,000 Euro?

This message informs you very frankly about the current situation of our music department and the "Danza y Movimiento" webshop. You will learn something about why it has been impossible to earn money with selling CDs for years now- in case you didn’t know that already. I am going to inform you about the consequences for “Danza y Movimiento”. I will tell you about my personal attitude towards “money” and towards the “Danza y Movimiento” music shop. And if you had the impuls to want to make this music catalogue (which is unique throughout the world, by the way) survive, you could find our bank details at the bottom of this message...

But I would like to tell you some things before you reach our bank details. And please don’t think that I am in any way interested in your money personally. But maybe the music shop “Danza y Movimiento” is of some importance to you...

My name is Matthias Möbius and I have been the managing director of “Danza y Movimiento GmbH” since 1995. It is fun to work in this company! Being specialised in Latin American music, DyM has two serious trade competitors after having experienced a drastic clearing up of the market. One of them sells Tango and is located in Buenos Aires, the other one sells Salsa and is situated in New York. We keep an excellent relation with both companies. We are talking about the last three companies worldwide, which try to offer a wide variety within their special segment. All other suppliers have vanished into thin air in the past seven years. No matter if talking about actual shops or internet shops: specialist shops for Salsa or Tango have become rare.

I haven’t earned a single Cent during the last seven years working for “Danza y Movimiento” . I am a managing director without a salary. Because “Danza y Movimiento” does not have the money for paying a manager’s salary. (Don’t worry, I earn my money elsewhere and I am fine...) I haven’t received any money and plus I even lent money to the company. You want to know exactly how stupid I am? Well, at the moment we are talking about approximately 60,000 Euro. Again, please don’t misunderstand me, you don’t have to worry about my financial or mental situation. I am fine.

The music business has always been a challenge to me. In 2004, I calculated in a Newsletter*, which afterwards was even discussed at Spiegel -Online, that a CD would have to cost about 60 Euro in order to work cost-effectively in the independent area. You know, that the price for a CD is still below 20 Euro, although even smaller numbers of each CD are produced than in 2004.

Our CD department had become more and more in deficit, so we had to make an important decision: Do we close or do we start something new? Something nobody else has done. Being a person who likes taking a risk, I decided to go for the project “download shop” after having analysed it thoroughly together with our software engineer. If you were a recipient of our Newsletter back then you might remember that we asked for the financial support of our customers and that the start of the project depended on your loans. We received your support and the project was started. Everybody involved has really tried hard, but the downloads hop was not finished in autumn 2006 according to schedule. The project had more unknown factors than expected. And thus, we - almost a year later - are about to finish step 1 (of three steps) of this project.

To make a long story short - under the prevailing ciscumstances I am not motivated to continue the project. At the moment, the costs are already twice the estimated amount for the entire project. The time delay also made us maintain the unprofitable CD department, without the expected download gainings being within a range of vision. The following result became evident after an analysis of the figures during the last days: Provided that I hadn’t started the new project and that I had stopped the CD business a year ago, I would have 100,000 Euro more at my disposal.

And because I am keeping calculating and because some of you might consider me a lunatic anyway for working without earning any money for seven years and for even investing money in such a company, I simply decided that I want to invest my energy and my money in different projects from now on.

So now it is up to you. Money only has the value one attaches to it anyway. To some people, 1 million is the dream of a lifetime, to others it is the daily budget. If you have any money, if you are interested in supporting the “Danza y Movimieto” music catalogue, if you are also able to let go of money - which is an even bigger challenge than “making” money - you can find our bank details below. We need an interest-free loan of 175,000 Euro in order to continue. And there is no real hope to get back the money. Please keep in mind - this is about music! And music is a cultural treasure, only a few true aficionados are willing to spend any money for nowadays. We can set you a monument or you can stay anonymous - we cannot offer you anything else.

You would like to know my plans for the 175,000 Euro? I would pay me back a part of my loan, I would finish the download shop and the music info shop, and I would pay myself a modest manager’s gross salary of 3333.33 Euro per month. And I would do everything I can in order to keep up our Latin American music catalogue for another three years for you. For you and many others, because, after all, there are more than 100,000 visitors to our websites daily...

Here, we would like to point out something else. Everybody who supported us with a finacial loan last year does not have to worry. I try to make my decisions before it is too late...

Many regards
Matthias Möbius

P.S. Our bank details are:
Danza y Movimiento GmbH
Konto Nr. 796 170-202
bei der Postbank HH
BLZ 200 100 20

or from countries outside Germany
Danza y Movimiento GmbH
IBAN-Nr. DE54 2001 0020 0796 1702 02
Postbank Hamburg
BIC-Nr. (Swift-Code): PBNKDEFF

* Link to the Newsletter "How high should the expenses for music be?"
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New Latin CDs in August

Marc Anthony, Nils Fischer & Timbazo, Magic Juan, Carlos Manuel, Paulo FG, Paquito d'Rivera, Charanga Habanera, Orquesta de la Luz, La Organización, Toke de Keda, Bienvenido Rodriguez, Clan 537, Andy Andy, Cheo Navarro. There will be a favourite CD for everybody for sure.

Marc Anthony: El Cantante
Soundtrack of the movie in which Marc Anthony performs the unforgotten Salsa singer Hector Lavoe:

CD Marc Anthony: El Cantante in our shop

Magic Juan: Quiscalle
Great Reggaeton-CD by Magic Juan, who has been in the Latin music business for years already. On this CD he is supported by for example José Alberto el Canario, Fulanito, Ilegales and Papi Sánchez:

Magic Juan: Quiscalle in our shop

Nils Fischer & Timbazo: Gracias Joe Cuba!
Joe Cuba meets Timba. Extraordinary CD, which is one of this year's best productions. There is no better way to say thank you to Joe Cuba:

Nils Fischer & Timbazo: Gracias Joe Cuba! in our shop

There are more new CDs here:

Salsa news in our shop

Merengue and Bachata news in our shop
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CD/DVD Buenos Aires Días Y Noches De Tango

The series Buenos Aires Días y Noches de Tango is a wonderful collection of Tango recordings by renowned Tango artists like: Leopoldo Federico, Esteban Morgado Cuarteto, Osvaldo Montes, Aníbal Arias, Juan Cedrón, Narcotango, La Chicana, Orquesta El Arranque, Orquesta Vale Tango, Elsa María Mayoral, Orquesta Color Tango, Rubén Juárez, Horacio Ferrer y Juanjo Domínguez.
One face of each DVD is in NTSC format, the other face is in PAL format. The DVDs are subtitled in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

The 7-CD/ DVD-Box costs 149,99 Euro.

Box Buenos Aires Días y Noches de Tango in our shop

Volumes 1-7 can also be ordered separately for the individual price of 29,99 Euro each. You can find them on our page for Tango DVDs:

Single volumes in our shop

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Argentina - more than Tango in Buenos Aires

No matter if you travel to Iguazu, Salta or Purmamarca, you can add to your DyM dance programme significantly. Argentina has experienced a touristic boom during the recent years. Thus, it is more important still to examine closely the local travel organisers. It is a pleasure for us to deal with this pre-selection for you. Years of cooperation with competent and responsable partners in the country allow us to offer travel services to all parts of Argentina as well as optimal support prior to your journey, during the journey and afterwards. For a better impression of the sights expecting you when visiting the waterfalls close to the Brazilian border, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia and the North West of Argentina we have revised our offers and we can provide you with some pictures.

This is the way to "Tours and study trips" in Argentina

Conclusion of a traveller to Argentina after having returned a few
days ago: "For everything organised by you: Grade A (perfect)"
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New Releases Envidia

The following compilations are well done and good value. Our favourite is Estrellas de Envidia: Homenaje a Fania. Cuban musicians perform classic songs by the Fania All Stars. “Quítate la Máscara”, “Juan Pachanga”, “El Ratón” and 8 more titles are not mere copies of the original songs but they characterise themselves by a new, unique and distinct charm.

CD Estrellas de Envidia: Homenaje a Fania in our shop

Bailando Latino
Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Cha Cha Chá and Son. The perfect CD-box for any Latin Party. You can simply enjoy the wide variety of Latin music without having to change discs all the time.

CD Varios: Bailando Latino in our shop

Las Grandes Sesiones de la Salsa
The title is a bit confusing. This box of three CDs is not only Salsa. There is also Merengue and Bachata. This is the most popular mix in Latin dance clubs.

CD Varios: Las Grandes Sesiones de la Salsa in our shop

Salsamanía 5
This 4-CD-box is a perfect gift for any lover of great Salsa with El Gran Combo, Andy Montañez, José Alberto el Canario, Hector Tricoche, Nino Segarra, Victor Manuelle, Grupo Niche, Lalo Rodríguez, Willie Colón, Issac Delgado and many more first-class artists.

CD Varios: Salsamanía 5 in our shop

Bachata Classic’s 2
Two CDs are purely dedicated to the popular rhythm from the Dominican republic. The list of famous Bachata artists is impressive: Raulín Rodríguez, Luis Vargas, Teodoro Reyes, Zacarías Ferreira, Sergio Vargas, Joe Veras and many more.

CD Varios: Bachata Classic’s 2 in our shop

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Cuba - journey for spontaneous travellers

It is really time yet to think about Christmas vacation. But if you still like to
travel spontaneously to Cuba in July or August, you don’t have to become
desperate. Our good contacts in Cuba allow us to organise a travel
programme for you according to your personal preferences. No matter what
you would like to do- dancing, taking percussion classes or learning Spanish
- we arrange everything for you and can also pick you up from the airport in
Havana or in Santiago de Cuba. So just arrange a flight and we will take care
of everything else!

More information about your journey to Cuba
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Africando Ketukuba Raffle

Africando is the top Salsa formation from Africa. After more than 10 years in the music business they are back with their album "Ketukuba". Don't miss out on this beautiful CD!

Now, you have the chance to win one of three copies. You only have to pick one CD from our shop (not necessarily "Ketukuba") and give us your opinion on it. No matter if long or short, positive or negative: we are always interested in our customers' opinions! Select a CD and click on "Reviews/ Write a Review". Tell us your comment until July 31st, 2007 and you will participate in the raffle.

Good luck!

CD Africando: Ketukuba in our shop

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New Album by Orishas

"Antidiotico" is the title of this new release. Rap meets Cuba and the result is a catchy sound which does not only thrill fans of Cuban music but also the Hip Hop community. This box of 2 CDs and one DVD presents the band's biggest hits as well as three new tracks and two new versions of previous songs.

CD/ DVD Orishas: Antidiotico (2 CD + DVD) in our shop

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Kevin Johansen: Logo

The Argentinian Kevin Johansen was born in Alaska and he also has Sacndinavian ancestors. Obviously, this man's music cannot be classified easily. Thus, also the fourth CD by this extraordinary artist is a wonderfully surprising album regarding the mix of musical elements: Milonga, Country, Pop, Murga, Folklore. Some songs are sung in English, some in Spanish. All the titles were composed by Johansen, and he combines great arrangements and intelligent lyrics.

CD Kevin Johansen: Logo in our shop
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