Matthias macht so einiges ... Reisen, Musik, Tanz, Yoga und Bewusstseinsprojekte ... und noch mehr ...

New Album by Orishas

"Antidiotico" is the title of this new release. Rap meets Cuba and the result is a catchy sound which does not only thrill fans of Cuban music but also the Hip Hop community. This box of 2 CDs and one DVD presents the band's biggest hits as well as three new tracks and two new versions of previous songs.

CD/ DVD Orishas: Antidiotico (2 CD + DVD) in our shop

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Kevin Johansen: Logo

The Argentinian Kevin Johansen was born in Alaska and he also has Sacndinavian ancestors. Obviously, this man's music cannot be classified easily. Thus, also the fourth CD by this extraordinary artist is a wonderfully surprising album regarding the mix of musical elements: Milonga, Country, Pop, Murga, Folklore. Some songs are sung in English, some in Spanish. All the titles were composed by Johansen, and he combines great arrangements and intelligent lyrics.

CD Kevin Johansen: Logo in our shop
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Colombia's best

Joe Arroyo, Sonora Carruseles, The Latin Brothers, La Sonora Dinamita and many other Colombian stars are part of the samplers "Ola Latina" 1, 2 and 3. They show the impressive musical richness of the country: Salsa, Cumbia, Vallenato - everybody will find one of his favourite titles here, like "Yamulemau", "La Pollera Colora" or "Ave Maria Lola". The expert compilations used top material from the archives of Discos Fuentes, probably the most well-known Colombian label.

CD Varios: Ola Latina 1 in our shop

CD Varios: Ola Latina 2 in our shop

CD Varios: Ola Latina 3 in our shop

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"Baila en Cuba" Salsa and Casino in Havanna

From 17.11. - 01.12.2007, DyM organises a special Salsa group journey
which does not only offer attractive travel components but also the
participation in the 2nd International Salsa Meeting in Havana. If you
want to get to know Cuba, to dance intensively during two weeks and to
experience the best Cuban bands live and as part of our travel
package, then this offer is perfect for you. The participants of the
journey will stay in selected hotels or with Cuban families. The events
and the supporting programme give you the chance to meet dancers from
all over the world. And: If you book early you will receive a price discount!

More information concerning the Salsa group journey in November 2007
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Elvis Crespo is Alive!

Finally the Merengue superstar has returned with his new album "Regreso El Jefe". He made the music genre extremely popular in 1998 when he had a big hit with "Suavemente", which was played just everywhere. After a break of several years Crespo is now back to conquer with 12 new titles, most of which are written by himself.

CD Elvis Crespo: Regreso El Jefe in our shop
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Otros Aires on Tour

In addition to the concerts of Narcotango and Gotan Project, there will be another Electrotango highlight soon: Otros Aires are travelling Europe! Here are the tour dates:

23.06.07 Amsterdam - Netherlands
29.06.07 Vienna -Austria
30.06.07 Berlin - Germany
01.07.07 Milano - Italy
03.07.07 Padova - Italy
10.07.07 Bologna - Italy
12.07.07 Bologna - Italy
13.07.07 Tavira - Portugal
14.07.07 Tavira - Portugal
15.07.07 Menton - France
17.07.07 Hamburg - Germany
22.07.07 Amberes - Belgica

For more information on the concerts, please have a look here:
The following links the the Otros Aires CDs might also inspire you:

CD Otros Aires: Otros Aires in our shop

CD Otros Aires: Dos in our shop

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Issac Delgado: En Primera Plana

This man could read even the telephone book and still make his audience tremble. Delgado's voice is uncomparable, unique and charismatic. "La Primera Plana" is a collection of terrific songs which return to the genre that fans most love him for: Salsa-Timba Cubana. The first track "La mujer que más me duele" will definitely be a hit.
This CD is a must for 2007!

CD Issac Delgado: En Primera Plana in our shop
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Axe Bahia 2007

In Brazil, the bands on this popular annual collection fill football stadiums. The 20 tracks of artists like Ivete Sangalo, Caetano Veloso, Araketu, Banda Eva, Netinho and Terrasamba make you feel the Brazilian zest for life.

CD Varios: Axe Bahia 2007 in our shop
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Gotan Project Tour 2007

Gotan Project made Electrotango famous all over the world. Please keep in mind the following tour dates, in case you want to see them live on stage:

21.05.2007 SL Ljubljana
22.05.2007 MA Skopje
25.05.2007 FR St Laurent du Cuves
26.05.2007 FR St Brieuc
28.05.2007 UK London
29.05.2007 DE Hamburg
30.05.2007 DE Köln
31.05.2007 DE Stuttgart
03.06.2007 CH Neufchatel
12.06.2007 PL Warsaw
15.06.2007 UK London
29.06.2007 BE Bruxelles
04.07.2007 FR Nîmes
07.07.2007 BE Bruges
08.07.2007 DE Duisburg
10.07.2007 FR Beziers
13.07.2007 FR Cauterets
17.07.2007 FR Perpignan
19.07.2007 IT Mantova

CDs and one DVD by Gotan Project in the DyM catalogue:

CD El Norte in our shop

CD Inspiracion, Espiracion in our shop

CD La Revancha del Tango in our shop

CD Lunatico in our shop

DVD La Revancha del Tango in our shop

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Spanish Harlem Orchestra swings again

"United We Swing", the new album by Spanish Harlem Orchestra, has been long awaited and is now available. When the Spanish Harlem Orchestra released their debut CD "Un Gran Día en el Barrio", the Salsa community was thrilled. and the album was promply nominated for the Latin Grammy. The following album "Accross 110th Street" won the Grammy in 2004. So finally, there is new material from the thirteen-member all-star ensemble, which will not only please DJs and dancers. Also lovers of good music will be delighted by this wonderful example of classic Salsa sound from New York City.

CD Spanish Harlem Orchestra: United We Swing in our shop

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2 x Paquito = Super Salsa!

Paquito Acosta und Paquito Guzmán have been big Salsa stars for years now. The Album "Los Dos Paquitos" is their first production together. The result is Salsa par excellence Puerto Rican style!

CD Paquito Acosta y Paquito Guzmán: Los Dos Paquitos in our shop
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Cuba Feeling From Sweden

Calle Real is a band from Sweden. None of the musicians is Cuban, but the quality of their album "Con Fuerza" is great! The band plays enthusiastically and gives a good example of Cuban musical passion. Calle Real was even invited to the Cuban festival Benny Moré where the best Cuban Salsa and Timba bands perform.

CD Calle Real: Con Fuerza in our shop

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Karsten Troyke with Yiddish Tango

Karsten Troyke: Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts
"Tango oyf Yiddish" is the subtitle of this CD. The Oriente label is a specialist for extraordinary productions, which are far from "mainstream" tango. Karsten Troyke and the Trio Scho (violin, accordion, double bass, 5 titles with additional clarinet) manage to bewitch their listeners. Enchantingly they take us to the 1920s and 1930s and to the area of Yiddish "Schlager" songs in the 1950s.

Karsten Troyke: Dus Gezang Fin Mayn Harts in our shop
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Narcotango Tour Europe 2007

These are the tour dates. All friends of Electrotango should keep them in mind.

03.05. Cesena (Italy)
05.05. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
08.05. Roma (Italy)
11.05. Bonn (Germany)
13.05. Hamburg (Germany)
17.05. Düsseldorf (Germany)
18.05. Eindhoven (Netherlands)
19.05. Heidelberg (Germany)
20.05. Wien (Austria)
21.05. Graz (Austria)
23.05. Feldkirchen (Austia)
26.05. Berlin (Germany)
27.05. Kassel (Germany)
31.05. Zürich (Schweiz)
02.06. München (Germany)

CD Carlos Libedinsky: Narcotango in our shop

CD Carlos Libedinsky: Narcotango 2 in our shop
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Best of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cumbia 2007

There are quite a lot of annual compilations indeed. Still, we only select the best ones for our
catalogue, and, of course, the different labels also use songs by their own artists. In this case, Sony/ BMG are in charge:

Los Mejores de la Salsa 2007

With Victor Manuelle, Oscar d'Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, El
Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Tito Rojas and others.

Los Mejores del Merengue 2007"

With Eddy Herrera, Kinito Mendez, Papi Sanchez, Banda Gorda,
Olga Tanon, Chichi Peralta and others.

Los Mejores de la Bachata 2007

With Aventura, Raulin, Monchy y Alexandra, Joe Veras, Elvis
Martinez, El Gringo de la Bachata and others.

Los Mejores de la Cumbia 2007

With Lisandro Meza, Sonora Dinamita, Cumbia Vallenato, Los Embajadores
Vallenatos and others.
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Otros Aires: Dos

Finally, the new CD by Otros Aires has arrived! "Dos" is an electronic feeling of the neighbourhood, the milongas, of the dance and the beat, and of the classical tangos. Once again Otros Aires shares their uniquely 'porteño' vision of 21st century sonic art."

Visit Otros Aires "Dos" in our shop!

Otros Aires is one of the best Electrotango bands and it belongs to the same category as Carlos Libedinsky and Gotan Project. This is a perfect combination of delight in experimentation and danceability.

Highly recommendable!
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Tango Fuego: Vivo

This new release is a live recording from 2006. It is a wonderful mix of Tango (for example "Cambalache"), Tango Milonga (for example "Taquito Militar") and Tango Vals (for example "Romance de Barrio"), but there is also room for Tango Nuevo with "Oblivion" and "Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla. This mixture makes the CD very entertaining for dancers and listeners. The ensemble "Tango Fuego" uses the instrumentation bandoneon, violin, piano and contrabass. The singer is Laura d'Onofrio. Let yourself be enchanted:

Visit Tango Fuego "Vivo" in our shop!
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