Matthias macht so einiges ... Reisen, Musik, Tanz, Yoga und Bewusstseinsprojekte ... und noch mehr ...


Swiss DJ Daniel Niedermann from Zürich is responsible for the selection of this sampler. With the right touch, he collected 12 salsa pearls and published them. There are titles by Calambuco, Son de Tikizia, Calle Real, LA 33, La Sucursal, Bio Ritmo, Manteca and many others. The selection is very versatile. The different tempi make this sampler arractive to friends of salsa dura, timba or classical salsa. Don't miss out on this:

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Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

This is the soundtrack for the movie "EL ÚLTIMO APLAUSO – La vida es un tango", which portrays people in Buenos Aires who are dedicated to tango. It tells the story of a group of tango singers performing in the legendary bar „El Chino" in Buenos Aires. After the sudden death of the charismatic El Chino, the bar falls to pieces and the singers follow differnt ways dominated by the Argentinian economic crisis. After several years, the tango singer Cristina de los Ángeles initiates a reunion, and a new and fascinating project emerges, in which the singers unite with the young and worldwide known Orquesta Típica Imperial.

This is the link leading to the CD with audiosamples:

Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

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Urban Latin with Novalima and Chicha Libre

If "Peru" only reminds you of Machu Picchu and panpipes, then you will get a whole new impression today. The following two Urban Latin CDs impressively combine tradition and modernity, and the mix of different sounds make them 100% suitable for the dancefloor. Here are two translated comments of the "notes"-magazine:

Novalima: Coba Coba

The music of the Peruvian black minority with new pride on the dancefloor - a surprisingly organic and danceable complete work of art between the rhythms of the bluesy Landó and the graceful Marinera on the traditional side, and Dub, Broken Beat, Salsa and HipHop from the club corner.

Novalima: Coba Coba

Chicha Libre: Sonido Amazonico

A surprising Latin cocktail from Brooklyn, NYC - stirred and shaken from Peruvian Chicha-musik from the 1970s, full of surf guitars, psychedelic Moog/ Farfisa sounds and hot Cumbia-versions of Satie and Ravel.

Chicha Libre: Sonido Amazonico
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Cuban Roots

50 years after the victory of the Cuban Revolution, on the first of Januaray 1959, this compilation of rare songs is a musical chronicle that tries to reflect the feelings of the majority of the Cuban people
who fought for their rights. This is a sound document with an emotional charge and dose of sarcastic humor that will leave no one indifferent:

Varios: 50 Aniversario del Triunfo de la Revolucion (2 CD)

In the following collection, we can hear the voices and groups led by the best performers playing twenty-five of these immortal guajiras that reflect the experiences of the guajiros and the landscape of the Cuban countryside. Amongst the artists are Guillermo Portabales, the Trio Matamoros, Celina & Reutilio and the Duo Los Compadres.

Varios: Por los Campos de Cuba - 25 Guajiras Inmortales
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New CDs from Cuba

Havana or "La Habana" without music is unthinkable. This sampler presents partly unknown but popular tracks, which charecterise the streets of the vibrating city of Havana. Do you feel in the mood for a musical journey? Listen to this:

Callejón Habana: The Essence Of Cuban Street Music

Salsa and Timba of top class Cuban musicians: Tirso Duarte (Pupy y los que Son Son, NG La Banda, Charanga Habanera), Alexander Acosta (Elio Revé, Charanga Forever y Chispa y los cómplices) and Evelio Jaz (Havana Power Band).

Havana Salsa Team: Encontrando La Fórmula

Soneros del Gallo is a new Cuban combo, which is dedicated to Salsa Dura. Great musicians and powerful arrangements. This CD is 100% dancefloor material with a high musical quality - a combination not always found. Definitely worth listening to:

Soneros del Gallo: Gallos De Pelea

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Pablo Banchero: Tangos Nuevos

The Argentinian singer Pablo Banchero lost his heart to tango in the late 1980s. Back then, he wanted to sing tangos, meanwhile most other teenagers preferred jazz and rock. Today, many years later, he recorded his first CD at the age of 42. The newspaper "La Nacion" calls him a new "icon of tango" (the complete, very interesting, article can be read under "reviews").

The CD presents 14 unreleased tangos written by the singer and composer Pablo Banchero, who also learned his craft from Virgilio Expósito (author of "Naranjo en flor").

You can listen to the audio samples:

Pablo Banchero: Tangos Nuevos

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Electrotango-Sampler: Paris - Buenos Aires 3

This is the third volume of the popular series Buenos Aires-Paris, or, as the CD puts it the "third voyage (troisième voyage)". Many important representatives of electrotango appear on this double CD: Tanghetto, San Telmo Lounge, Maquinal Tango, La Fonda Tango Club, Narcotango, but also some surprises. Here is the complete list and the audiosamples:

Varios: Paris - Buenos Aires 3

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Salsa en la 10ma Avenida NY'09

Orquesta Mulenze, Gilberto Santa Rosa, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico NG2, Oscar d'León, Costa Brava and many more form part of this great salsa compilation. 16 titles altogether invite you to the dancefloor:

Varios: Salsa en la 10ma Avenida NY'09

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Tango concerts with Carlos Quilici & Los Tauras

Carlos Quilici (bandoneón), Victor Parma (piano), Carlos Gantus (electric guitar), Guillermo Trobbiani (double bass), Simón Lagier (violin), Javier Gómez (violin) and Ricardo Paradiso (voice) play compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Pedro Laurenz and Osvaldo Pugliese as well as their own compositions. Following "Rasgo" (2000) and "Bailamos" (2003) "Gauchita Sueca" is the third recording by the Argentinian musicians and again they manage to play danceable tango tunes in a small line-up.

Carlos Quilici y su Quinteto los Tauras: Gauchita Sueca

Carlos Quilici y su Quinteto los Tauras: Rasgo

Carlos Quilici y su Quinteto los Tauras: Bailamos

Here are the next tour dates:

6/2 Karlshamn (Suecia)
8/2 Estocolmo (Suecia)
10/2 Oslo (Noruega)
13/2 Londres (Inglaterra)
15/2 Florencia (Italia)

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50 per cent discount on videos for DyM-Club members

Of course, most people own more DVDs than videos nowadays. But still: Why should you mothball your video recorder already? Videos still do exist, even if the technique is a bit outdated now. And for some videos there is still no equivalent on DVD and there might never be one. For the next 30 days, we are going to give a 50% discount on the last videos we have in stock to members of the DyM-Club. (This discount will not be shown in the webshop, but it will be taken into account manually when writing the corresponding invoice...)

If you shouldn't be a member already, you can have a look here and join the club:

The videos are:

Carolina Zokalsky, Mora Godoy, Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto

Josie Neglia, RazzMTazz, Marlon Silva

Caetano Veloso, Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa
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Otros Aires: New CD

"Otros Aires" are: Miguel di Genova (guitar and voice), Omar Massa (bandoneón), Diego Ramos (piano) and Manu Mayol(drums and percussion). For quite a while now, they've been amongst the most popular representatives of electrotango. This CD is a live-album, recorded in Buenos Aires and Europa. Well, hopefully, Otros Aires will be on tour again soon in order to show their extraordinary quality. Until then, we can pass the time listening to "Vivo en Otros Aires":

Otros Aires: Vivo En Otros Aires

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New CD by Luis Stazo (Sexteto Mayor)

The founder of the legendary Sexteto Mayor and the master of tango, Luis Stazo, is back. He recorded the CD "Tango con Pasión" with his new Sexteto Stazo Mayor. And this is only the beginning: He is already booked for the new Broadway show "Tango Pasión - El último tango". Premiere of the show will be 19/12/08 in the renowned Champs Elysée Theater in Paris. This is the CD with 18 titles, some of them written by Luis Stazo himself:

Stazo Mayor: Tango Con Pasion
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Gems from Cuba on CD

Issac Delgado, Tirso Duarte, Cesar "Pupy" Pedroso: It is well known, that many exceptionary artists who combine their musical heritage with contemporary tendencies are from Cuba. Today, we would like to point out three musical gems proving our point:

El "Chévere de la Salsa" is back with his second album after moving to Miami. This is a first class album: music, lyrics, arrangements and of course Delgado's characteristic voice - a great piece of work:

Issac Delgado: Así Soy

Tirso Duarte is one of the most prominent Cuban artists at the moment. He became popular with his mix of salsa and timba. Now he surprises his fans with a reggaeton album. He combines the sometimes monotonous reggaeton rhythm with great singing and a timba touch. Reggaetón a lo Cubano. Here are the audio samples:

Tirso Duarte: Para Que Nada Te Pueda Pasar

You haven't danced for a long time. You are fed up with another grey November. Don't become desperate! There is a remedy for you: The CD of the former member of Los Van Van, César "Pupy" Pedroso, is the perfect material for getting rid of dullness. Would you like to try it? There you go:

César "Pupy" Pedroso: Tranquilo Que Yo Controlo
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Pure bandoneón by label EPSA

The Argentinian label EPSA is specialised in tango productions and has released a very interesting series, which is dedicated to the art of bandonéon players. "El Arte Del Bandoneón" presents Leopoldo Federico and also Néstor Marconi with both classical tangos as well as Piazzollas Tango Nuevo:

Leopoldo Federico: Mi Fueye Querido

Néstor Marconi: Tiempo Esperado

The following CD is part of the series "Guitarras del mundo". The 23 titles like "Silbando", "Por una cabeza" or "Volver" are pure guitar arrangements played by Aníbal Arias. This gives the album a very special and intimate magic:

Aníbal Arias: Una Guitarra Para Gardel

And here is a collaboration of two famous musicians: Gustavo Beytelmann playing the piano and César Angeleri playing the guitar. Pablo Agri (violin), the singer Néstor Basurto and the percussionist Rodolfo Sánchez. The first title already demonstrates the uniqueness. "La Puñalada" has never been heard like this.

Gustavo Beytelmann, Néstor Angeleri: Corta Distancia

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Tango-discovery: Urbango from Belgium

Only a few days after after the release in Brussels, we can offer the new CD by Urbango: "Aires De Dos Orillas". And this CD is really worth it. It is an excellent mixture of own compositions and arrangements, in parts very rhythmical and almost percussive, wonderful to dance and to listen to.

The Urbango group was founded in 2005 by Eduardo Baró, an Argentinian musician and composer living since many years in Brussels. He selected various musicians who, each, have a large affinity and experience with Argentinian music. Urbango has a varying geometry based on bandoneon, piano, percussion and guitar/voice/sax. Its repertoire travels through the Argentinian and Uruguay music from the traditional tango till the tango nuevo by Astor Piazzolla crossing the rythms typical of the folk music (chacarera, candombe).

Both productions are now available from Danza y Movimiento:

The latest album (release 17/10/2008)
Urbango: Aires De Dos Orillas

and the previous CD (2005)
Urbango: Urbango
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New CD by Oscar d'León

This is a relief for the Latin scene: Oscar d'León, who - by the way inaugurated our "Danza y Movimiento" shop in Hamburg personally in 1996 and who therefore is very dear to us - has finally released a new album. And quite different to some of his previous recordings, this is a pure salsa album. Fun on the dancefloor guaranteed! A great singer and a charismatic artist is back. Listen to this:

Oscar d'León: Tranquilamente... Tranquilo
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The Tango Club Night Vol. 2

The previous volume released in 2005 was and still is extremely popular. This second album includes everything the heart of a fan of innovatice tango desires. The "After Hours"-CD presents for example Bajofondo, Electrocutango, Yira, Otros Aires, Maquinal Tango and Tanghetto - the "Lounge"-CD Daniel Melingo, Federico Aubele, Tango Conspiracy, Carlos Libedinsky and many more.

Varios: The Tango Club Night Vol. 2
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DBN Tango News

After a long time without releasing any new CDs, the Argentinian lebel DBN has now published some interesting tango releases. In any case, they are an enrichment for any tango collection. Especially the waltz CD by Rodolfo Biagi is worth listening to:

Rodolfo Biagi: Al Compás Del Vals

Atahualpa Yupanqui: Grandes Exitos

Carlos Gardel: Titulos Inolvidables

Mercedes Simone: Antiguos Temas De Coleccion

Francisco Canaro: Canta Roberto Maida Vol. 2

Francisco Canaro: Canta Ernesto Fama Vol. 2

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Electrotango - Tangolectron

TANGOLECTRÓN is the latest production by the musician, composer and sound puzzler Nils Imhorst. Traditional tango and electronic music merge on this album, which oscillates between melancholy and nonchalance. The 14 tracks, the majority his own compositions, are arranged affectionately. At the same time, he does without the widespread minimalism. Consciously, Imhorst relies on meticulous arrangements, which thoroughly savour the emotional world of the titles.
Electronic drumbeats and sounds meet the traditional tango facets, represented by acoustic instruments like bandoneón, violin, guitar, piano, double bass and canto. Imhorst invited his favourite musicians for this project to the studio. Thus, Henrik Albrecht (award for audiobook in 2007) can be heard playing the bandoneón. The Spanish singer Minerva Díaz Pérez, at the moment touring Europe successfully with her band N.O.A.H., sings three titles. Apart from them the CD is instrumental. TANGOLECTRÓN is an album, which invites to dancing or to listening, depending on the mood. Or to both at the same time.

Electrotango - Tangolectron
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Ismael Miranda, José Alberto "El Canario", Tito Nieves, La India,

Ismael Miranda, José Alberto "El Canario", Tito Nieves, La India, Raphy Leavitt, David Pabón, Andy Montañez, Oscar d'León, Paquito Guzmán, Orquesta la Solución, Marvin Santiago, Esgar Joel & Anthony Colón, Héctor Tricoche, Willie Rosario, Tommy Olivencia, Lalo Rodríguez, Frankie Ruiz, Eddie Santiago... The series "The Greatest Salsa Ever" by Universal is definitively recommendable. From the large repertoires of some of the greatest Salsa artists the biggest successes were collected on 2 CDs each. There are CDs by the following artists:

Just log in the term "Greatest Salsa Ever" (without quotation marks!) and listen to the famous songs!

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