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Cuba for US residents

Experience Havana with music and dance workshops and with experienced travel management! Salsa, Rueda, Reggaeton and Percussion

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Experience Cuban culture in the most exciting way possible — through its music. As a participant of this unique and inspiring program, you will learn about Cuban music and dance from local musicians and dancers directly in Havana. During the day, our music and dance workshop will consist of music lessons with hands-on drumming and percussion, Afro-Cuban body movement lessons and Salsa dance lessons with local dance partners. In this exclusive format you will be able to engage with Cuban musicians and dancers and learn about their lives and work, culture and traditions. At night we will meet with Cuban musicians and dancers in an informal setting to build on what we have learned in the classroom during the day.


Day 1 Saturday — U.S./Havana, Cuba

  • Departure from the US via Cancun to Cuba
  • Arrival in Havana
  • Transfer to Accommodations
  • Welcome and Group Dinner at Night


Day 2 Havana, Cuba

  • Breakfast
  • Visit to the villages Regla and Guanabacoa
  • Visit to Orisha Museum in Guanabacoa or to Ernest Hemingway's rural home, Finca Vigía
  • Group Lunch on the coast in Cojimar
  • Dance class (Afro-Cuban body movements, origins and meaning, practice)
  • Havana Overview
  • Group Dinner
  • Visit to venue with live music

Day 3 Havana, Cuba

  • Breakfast
  • Old Havana Walking Tour with our Docent
  • Lunch with host family
  • Dance class (Afro-Cuban body movements, origins and meaning, practice)
  • Dance workshop (learning Salsa and Casino side-by-side with a Cuban dance partner)
  • Group Dinner
  • Visit to venue with live music


Day 4 - 7 Havana, Cuba

  • Breakfast
  • Music lessons with hands-on drumming and percussion
  • Lunch with host family
  • Dance class (Afro-Cuban body movements, origins and meaning, practice)
  • Dance workshop (learning Salsa and Casino side-by-side with a Cuban dance partner)
  • Group Dinner in different locations in Havana
  • Visits to neighborhoods with live music

Day 8 — Havana, Cuba/U.S.

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Airport
  • Departure to Cancun


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This trip is permitted by a special People-to-People license from the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. This itinerary was designed to provide an educational experience with numerous opportunities for meaningful interaction with Cubans. In accordance with the travel license, this trip does not include tourist activities or free time to explore Havana on your own. Travel restrictions in Cuba, such as limits on how much one may spend and what may be purchased, will be provided in your pre-departure materials.

Because beach visits and tourist activities are not allowed under the People-to-People license, we decided to route our trip through Cancun so that you can add a beach vacation before or after your Cuba excursion. We can help with where to stay in the area.


The basic price for our journey staying in a double room in a Casa Particular (private accommodation), is (per person)

2900.- USD



Included in the price of this group journey offer(if not indicated differently):


  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in selected casas particulares
  • Meals and beverages at breakfast
  • All tours and local tour guides and an agency-representative as required for the People-to-People license
  • 5 x 120min Salsa with individual Cuban dance partner
  • 5 x 90min Movimiento (Isolation training)
  • 4 x 90min Percussion


Please read the following details attentively, because they include more information on the journey:


  • Single room additional costs: 250.- USD
  • The fee includes all tips, taxes and credit card fees
  • Not included are airfare, Cuban visa fee, Cuba departure tax, entrance fees and beverages except breakfast
  • Minimum group size is 10 participants, maximum group size is 18
  • For all enquiries please use our form. We will answer your questions and bring you in contact with our partner agency Salsa Retreat, LLC in Seattle/US, which will proceed with your reservation.
  • As a participant of this group you can book your flight to Cuba directly through us after getting your confirmation being part of this group. We will also supply you with the Visa you need to go to Cuba.
  • Please do not forget to tell us about your previous Salsa knowledge when booking.


Get some tips on how to determine who is offering legal travel to Cuba, and what to expect when choosing us or other tour operators having a look what Matthias has written in our blog.


People who have been travelling with us write:

Robert from New York
We had a great experience throughout. We've since talked with some others who've traveled there, and it's safe to say that none of them had anything like our trip! Anyway, thank you deeply for your hard work getting it together; it was a gas! Cheers, Rob and Elizabeth. Cuban music, Cuban dance, and Cuban culture reflect a unique mix of rhythms and peoples. We'd long sought the right licensed group trip -- still necessary -- that would take us into the heart of Havana. Elizabeth found this programme, which offered two hours drumming a day with pro teachers; three hours salsa dancing a day with gifted young dancers; and club dancing each night with the same dance partners, plus rooming in a Cuban home. Our slice of Cuba was close to the bone and not at all fancy, but it was full of life! There are many other ways to see Cuba; ours brought us close to real Cubans and allowed us to work one-on-one with elite dancers and musicians.

Pat from Seattle
I have just returned home from an awesome legal cultural exchange trip to Cuba where the focus of our trip was to study Cuban music and dance. I have just experienced the best trip of my lifetime. Thank you for this incredible opportunity -- I am sincerely and deeply grateful to you for making this trip possible and for allowing me to be one of your very lucky participants. Te mando un beso grande

Lori from Portland
If you are considering this trip to Cuba, don't think another minute. Just do it. You won't regret it. I recently returned from a trip to Havana, Cuba with this group. The trip was wonderful. Cuba is shockingly beautiful. You will fall in love... many times. If you love to dance, you will dance. The music, the sights and sounds, but most importantly, the people made this experience one I will never forget.

Michelle from Seattle
Cuba was fantastic and now you can all go on a dance vacation! I loved the people and danced all day and all night.