Argentina - more than Tango in Buenos Aires

No matter if you travel to Iguazu, Salta or Purmamarca, you can add to your DyM dance programme significantly. Argentina has experienced a touristic boom during the recent years. Thus, it is more important still to examine closely the local travel organisers. It is a pleasure for us to deal with this pre-selection for you. Years of cooperation with competent and responsable partners in the country allow us to offer travel services to all parts of Argentina as well as optimal support prior to your journey, during the journey and afterwards. For a better impression of the sights expecting you when visiting the waterfalls close to the Brazilian border, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia and the North West of Argentina we have revised our offers and we can provide you with some pictures.

This is the way to "Tours and study trips" in Argentina

Conclusion of a traveller to Argentina after having returned a few
days ago: "For everything organised by you: Grade A (perfect)"
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Thursday, 29 February 2024