Hit Samplers 2008

Salsahits 2008, Merenhits 2008, Bachatahits 2008: These highly anticipated annual compilations have just arrived at the DyM warehouse and are ready to be shipped. The biggest stars of the genres are part of these new entry hit mixes.

With Victor Manuelle, Johnny Rivera, Issac Delgado, El Gran Combo, Tito Nieves und Tito Rojas amongst others.

CD Salsahits 2008 in our shop

With Elvis Crespo, OLga Tañon, Kinito Méndez, Eddy Herrera, Los Toros Band und Rikarena amongst others.

CD Merenhits 2008 in our shop

With Aventura, Zacarías Ferreira, Monchy & Alexandra, Frank Reyes, Luis Vargas und Joe Veras amongst others.

CD Bachatahits 2008 in our shop
Costa Brava and Maestros de la Salsa
Salsa Style Sampler


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