New Latin CDs

The last shipments brought us some very recommendable CDs, amongst them LA 33, Frank Reyes and many more. Sometimes there are also "new entries" of CDs which were not published this year. Classic CDs, like for example the SAR/ Guajiro Records productions disappear from the market from time to time and reappear again. Thus, we add them to our page of recommendation for Salsa new releases, just like the CDs by Edwin Bonilla and George Delgado, which are new in our catalogue.

CD Gozalo by LA 33 in our shop
Salsa from Colombia - full of power and perfect for dancing.

CD Te regalo el mar by Frank Reyes in our shop
Bachata without Frank Reyes is impossible. His new production, again, is a gem for his fans.

CD Tirando Pa' Charanga by Edwin Bonilla and Jesus Perez in our shop
Fine Charanga which takes you to Cuba.

CD Mi ritmo llego by George Delgado in our shop
This CD is a must for every Salsa collection.

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DVD "Más Tango"
Manu Chao: La Radiolina


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Tuesday, 28 November 2023