New CDs from Cuba

Havana or "La Habana" without music is unthinkable. This sampler presents partly unknown but popular tracks, which charecterise the streets of the vibrating city of Havana. Do you feel in the mood for a musical journey? Listen to this:

Callejón Habana: The Essence Of Cuban Street Music

Salsa and Timba of top class Cuban musicians: Tirso Duarte (Pupy y los que Son Son, NG La Banda, Charanga Habanera), Alexander Acosta (Elio Revé, Charanga Forever y Chispa y los cómplices) and Evelio Jaz (Havana Power Band).

Havana Salsa Team: Encontrando La Fórmula

Soneros del Gallo is a new Cuban combo, which is dedicated to Salsa Dura. Great musicians and powerful arrangements. This CD is 100% dancefloor material with a high musical quality - a combination not always found. Definitely worth listening to:

Soneros del Gallo: Gallos De Pelea

Cuban Roots
Pablo Banchero: Tangos Nuevos


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Thursday, 29 February 2024