Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

This is the soundtrack for the movie "EL ÚLTIMO APLAUSO – La vida es un tango", which portrays people in Buenos Aires who are dedicated to tango. It tells the story of a group of tango singers performing in the legendary bar „El Chino" in Buenos Aires. After the sudden death of the charismatic El Chino, the bar falls to pieces and the singers follow differnt ways dominated by the Argentinian economic crisis. After several years, the tango singer Cristina de los Ángeles initiates a reunion, and a new and fascinating project emerges, in which the singers unite with the young and worldwide known Orquesta Típica Imperial.

This is the link leading to the CD with audiosamples:

Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

Urban Latin with Novalima and Chicha Libre


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Thursday, 18 April 2024