Cuban Roots

50 years after the victory of the Cuban Revolution, on the first of Januaray 1959, this compilation of rare songs is a musical chronicle that tries to reflect the feelings of the majority of the Cuban people
who fought for their rights. This is a sound document with an emotional charge and dose of sarcastic humor that will leave no one indifferent:

Varios: 50 Aniversario del Triunfo de la Revolucion (2 CD)

In the following collection, we can hear the voices and groups led by the best performers playing twenty-five of these immortal guajiras that reflect the experiences of the guajiros and the landscape of the Cuban countryside. Amongst the artists are Guillermo Portabales, the Trio Matamoros, Celina & Reutilio and the Duo Los Compadres.

Varios: Por los Campos de Cuba - 25 Guajiras Inmortales
Urban Latin with Novalima and Chicha Libre
New CDs from Cuba


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