Pure bandoneón by label EPSA

The Argentinian label EPSA is specialised in tango productions and has released a very interesting series, which is dedicated to the art of bandonéon players. "El Arte Del Bandoneón" presents Leopoldo Federico and also Néstor Marconi with both classical tangos as well as Piazzollas Tango Nuevo:

Leopoldo Federico: Mi Fueye Querido

Néstor Marconi: Tiempo Esperado

The following CD is part of the series "Guitarras del mundo". The 23 titles like "Silbando", "Por una cabeza" or "Volver" are pure guitar arrangements played by Aníbal Arias. This gives the album a very special and intimate magic:

Aníbal Arias: Una Guitarra Para Gardel

And here is a collaboration of two famous musicians: Gustavo Beytelmann playing the piano and César Angeleri playing the guitar. Pablo Agri (violin), the singer Néstor Basurto and the percussionist Rodolfo Sánchez. The first title already demonstrates the uniqueness. "La Puñalada" has never been heard like this.

Gustavo Beytelmann, Néstor Angeleri: Corta Distancia

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Thursday, 29 February 2024