Traveling and Mindfulness 2019

Mindfulness means recognizing the moment and living it. Dancing, meditation, yoga and massage support this. Also to find a place apart from dayly life where you can be completely with yourself is an even greater support.

In 2019 there are currently two travel offers where you can gain deeper access to yourself by benefitting the help of guidance. This strengthens the connection between body and mind and allows you to live your everyday life more authentically.

Seminar Yoga Tantra Canossa 11

Canossa, Italy, 28.08. – 12.09.2019 (Core Program 31.08. – 07.09.)

Here you will find the full spectrum where you can arrive at the present without going into stress and effort. The magic word for it is TANTRA and has little to do with the common ideas associated with this word.

In Canossa 2019 there is a core week with group dynamic processes. But you are welcome to come a few days earlier and let the experience of the core week linger on in the days after. We have rented the entire house for two weeks and offer you a flexible arrival and departure time.

TANTRA awaits you in Canossa - that means meditating together, dancing, breathing, contact and massages. Maybe you can get an idea of what a tantra massage really is ...

Further information on our travel page Tantra.

Reisen Cuba Matahambre Foto Rescio

Havana, Cuba, 02. – 16.11.2019

This is a group travel offer that you will not find with any other travel agency. We have been working with Cubans for more than 20 years. This time has created a unique infrastructure that we make available to our guests. In this group travel program you will take a deep look at life in Cuba. And through the special history of Cuba you will experience something you will never experience anywhere else in the world. And that again can fundamentally change your view on your everyday life in Europe or wherever you may live in the world. This is exactly what many of our travel participants have experienced and reported back to us in recent years.

During the two weeks in Havana Salsa dancing is very essential. We dance Salsa like the Cubans do. We also go dancing together with Cubans. We meet Cubans and learn something about their everyday life and how they see the world. In the group we share our feelings and what we experience. And of course we also go to the beautiful beaches near Havana ...

Also in this journey there is a focus on actually experiencing what is happening in each moment. Guided meditation-offers support this process, in which body and mind can be centered in silence or in movement. You take part in these offers when and how often you want.

You can learn more about this on our travel page Trip to Cuba

The journeys offered and also guided here are journeys of mindfulness. As a participant you are encouraged to find out what your wishes, needs and limits are ... and what you can do to take care of yourself and to discover what wealth and abundance is available for you in life ... dancing, breathing, meditating ...

500 years Havana
Move and relax in Italy


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