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The following compilations are well done and good value. Our favourite is Estrellas de Envidia: Homenaje a Fania. Cuban musicians perform classic songs by the Fania All Stars. “Quítate la Máscara”, “Juan Pachanga”, “El Ratón” and 8 more titles are not mere copies of the original songs but they characterise themselves by a new, unique and distinct charm.

CD Estrellas de Envidia: Homenaje a Fania in our shop

Bailando Latino
Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Cha Cha Chá and Son. The perfect CD-box for any Latin Party. You can simply enjoy the wide variety of Latin music without having to change discs all the time.

CD Varios: Bailando Latino in our shop

Las Grandes Sesiones de la Salsa
The title is a bit confusing. This box of three CDs is not only Salsa. There is also Merengue and Bachata. This is the most popular mix in Latin dance clubs.

CD Varios: Las Grandes Sesiones de la Salsa in our shop

Salsamanía 5
This 4-CD-box is a perfect gift for any lover of great Salsa with El Gran Combo, Andy Montañez, José Alberto el Canario, Hector Tricoche, Nino Segarra, Victor Manuelle, Grupo Niche, Lalo Rodríguez, Willie Colón, Issac Delgado and many more first-class artists.

CD Varios: Salsamanía 5 in our shop

Bachata Classic’s 2
Two CDs are purely dedicated to the popular rhythm from the Dominican republic. The list of famous Bachata artists is impressive: Raulín Rodríguez, Luis Vargas, Teodoro Reyes, Zacarías Ferreira, Sergio Vargas, Joe Veras and many more.

CD Varios: Bachata Classic’s 2 in our shop

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