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Danza y Movimiento - The news on 21.08.2019 - Cuba: three group travel offers


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Today information about three group trips to Cuba in 2019, 2020 and 2021
If you want to tune in musically while reading, my tip today is "La mulata y su movimiento" by the Cuban group "Matahambre Son" - this is a production we recorded in a studio right in the east of Cuba. Really traditional Cuban and for dancing ...
And here we go to Cuba ...
Havana, Group trip "500 years Havana" from 02.-16.11.2019
This trip, originally planned with my escort, takes place with a modified program. The focus is on living Cuban and dancing Cuban. A special highlight of the trip is the visit to a Babalao. A Babalao is a priest of the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion. In addition to an introductory event in the Santeria, the participants of the group have an individual session with the Babalao. Here all questions can be asked that would like to be asked. If you do not speak Spanish - there is a translator in the person of the English-speaking Cuban tour guide. More information on our website ...
Havana, Group trip "The Caribbean calls" from 18.04.-03.05.2020
With a view to a season in which we long for the sun in northern climes, we need to make provisions for 2020. The program of this trip shortly after Easter is as colorful as Easter eggs are ...  More information on our website ...
Havana, group trip "... with Matthias" from 06.-20.02.2021
More information about this program, which besides a lot of dance and offers for yoga and meditation contains a lot of other extras can be found on our website ...
Many greetings
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