The partner program of „Danza y Movimiento“

As a partner of „Danza y Movimiento“, you place one or more links towards our pages for travel and / or music. If a visitor of your website clicks on the link you set, you will benefit from the purchases of this visitor.

How does the affiliate program work?
You will receive a partner ID from us and add it to your link to our offers at the very end. An example ... You place a link to our travel offers to Cuba: 
For example your partner ID is 198. You simply add it to the end of the link which would look like follows:

Our travel and our music pages „remember“ the partner who is identified by his pid number. As soon as the visitor makes contact with us via our forms, the information about you as a partner appears as the ID is transferred in all forms. We enter queries with ID manually in a table and calculate with our partners at the end of each year. In doing so, we take account of all sales made by the customer no later than 12 months after the first visit.

We recommend to place targeted links in different areas, which might interest the visitors of your website.

What can I earn?
We currently give 2.5% commission on partner- links. Travel bookings often have a value of several thousand euros. If you advertise our travels specifically on your websites, e.g. by writing about them or via your own newsletter, we also arrange higher commission rates. In the musicbusiness we will pay commission on contracts made for our project „copyright-free music“ as well as for contracts on the use of productions we hold the rights in audiovisual projects (film, television, advertising).

Can I trust the settlements?
Yes you can! We are interested in working with you as a partner and strive to settle as accurately as possible. Of course, the assignment to the ID is manual. But this also has advantages. You will also receive your provison, if the customer comes up to 12 months after his visit via your link, e.g. by phone or by mail. We also consider you as a partner if a customer does not book through the forms because we usually ask how the customer has found us. And - the cookie associated with the ID transmits your ID up to six months after the first visit to our pages. So even if the customer should only report up to six months after his first visit, we can still link him with your ID.

What do I have to do now?
If you are interested, we will be happy to set up your Partner ID. If you want to contact us please use our form. There is also a variety of banners we are providing.

The small print always at last ...
Your commission is calculated on income that is received net. In the travel area, we pay provision for the basic price of a travel booking. Supplements for single travelers are not subject to commission. Also services such as or car rentals do not get a commission, as we are making no profit of these ourselves ...