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Sendero lasPlayasEl Hierro is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the seventh and smallest of the main Canary Islands. Here, a project is currently being created for retreat and reflection, to breathe deeply and get in touch with nature. The island is sparsely populated, has no international airport and no wide sandy beaches. These are ideal conditions for people who want to take some time out, especially in this day and age. Our time needs people who are willing to stop and contemplate ...

In this sense, we are in the process of transforming a former agricultural finca in the heart of the island. The soil offers ideal conditions to grow our own vegetables and fruits. The existing houses will be gradually transformed into foundations for a retreat alone, as a couple or even with children.

In communal facilities it will be possible to meet other guests, eat together or simply do one's laundry. A group room will be designed for yoga, meditation and dance. Fast Internet will be available in the digital area of the community center. There will be offers to participate in movement and meditation events. And you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the individual offers of Eylin (healthy cooking, astrology) or Matthias (individual trainings for living in the fullness of your individual potential). Upon arrival you will receive an introduction to life on the finca and information about everything that might be important for you, so you feel comfortable and well during your stay on El Hierro.

Some of these offers are already available, others will be added step by step. Information about the current state of affairs can be found at any time on this page.

A few days ago a three-part film was published, in which you can get an impression of the current state of the project, our ideas, offers and perspectives. We - that are Eylin and Matthias, who are looking forward to hearing from you.






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Saturday, 20 April 2024