Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y yo"

Just a few days ago I've written about an exciting Cooperation of Leopoldo Federico (with Roberto Grela) in this place...
and I already got my hands on the next one, this time with Susana Rinaldi, one of THE Grandes Dames of tango.

A bandoneón and a voice, both matured through experience, who meet and have a lot to tell each other. And who are incredibly good in listening to each other, as it is the case between good friends.

In their conjunto it seems as if they followed their very own rhythm, a beat that only belongs to them and to no one else. I can see them see them in my mind's eye, sitting together, reminiscing in and through melodies full of melancholy...
The recordings captured on this CD carry a very private atmosphere. Sometimes you hear them talk to each other... But it's not only a "bueno vamo'" that makes you feel like having been invited, sitting in an armchair right in front of these exceptional musicians, listening devoutly, while their mind and soul dwells in music and yesterdays: "éramos... éramos jóvenes"
It is more the solemn, deeply immersed play of Federico and Rinaldi's shift between narration and chant... a chant that has to narrate a story, whose source are decades of life and music.

In this way Rinaldi and Federico loose themselves in tango, from "El día que me quieras" and "Malena" to "Naranjo en Flor" and "Che, Bandoneón". The epilogue is composed by themselves, a retrospection, looking back to the times they just commemorated musically: "Éramos tan Jóvenes".

Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y Yo"
Gotan... ain't it time for a Best Of? Damn right!!...
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Tuesday, 28 November 2023