Gotan... ain't it time for a Best Of? Damn right!!!

Oh, I still remember how much I enjoyed Tango 3.0.
Especially awesome was "La gloria"! Somewhere between electro, breaks and tango... and I have hardly ever heard such a fat bass in e-tango. And if you've ever been to Argentina and listened to a football game on the radio you'll have to smile big time about the wonderful idea of integrating this experience into a song!
"La panamericana" fascinated me, too. It's got something very hypnotic and you instantly feel beamed into a truck which rushes in a split second through villages like mancora, on his endlessly long way down south...

It seems I wasn't alone with this 'cause only a year later these two songs are honored with an appearance on Gotan Projects first "Best Of" toghether with loads of other hits which keep being stuck in the heads of so many tangueras and tangueros.
And this is really saying something, considering the amount of brilliant songs of this french trio, which set off the electro tango wave ten years ago and since then never ceased to add new facets to this music.

Besides absolute classics like "Santa María" or "Una música brutal" you'll even find two new, previously unreleased tracks on the CD!
One of them - "Strength to love" - proves that tango even harmonizes perfectly with melodic-thoughtful rap! Brilliant!!!

Gotan Projects "Best Of" will be released on 11/18/2011 and can already be pre-ordered by DyM-Club members!
...and even more Gotan! "Tango 3.0 Live" DVD
Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y yo"


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