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Recorded in the 40's, released in 2011.
What is that supposed to mean?

Well, in this case we have to go back to 1995 to answer that question. For in that year the Buenos Aires Tango Club was founded.
In the beginning 20 tango-experts and -lovers set off with the aim to preserve the heritage of this music, or more precisely: this culture; to prevent it from oblivion or even being lost forever.
Because of the not really robust shellac records, THE music medium of the most important tango years, only few survived. And due to commercial reasons not that many records were rereleased on vinyl later.
So that is why several thousand associates of the Buenos Aires Tango club have been busy for quite a while now with searching Archives of past as well as still existing labels for recoverable master tapes or other usable sound carriers and remastering them with the modern means of audio technology.
To make these recording accessible to a broader public, the label Euro Records s.a. was founded in 2001. They release thoroughly selected compilations of these recordings as the fruits of all this labor, so to say.

Of these fruits we just received three absolutely new ones:

Enrique Rodriguez: "Esto es puro compás"

Enrique Rodriguez, from whose pen we got such wonderful tangos as "Llorar por una mujer", was well known for new and unconventional orchestrations and a broad and varied repertoire of happy and romantic tangos. His prime overlaps pretty much with the Golden Age of tango, the 40's.
On this CD (the first which Euro Records releases form Rodriguez') however one finds altogether very nice recordings from the beginning of his career (1937-1941) - many of them composed by Rodriguez himself!
And the title already already tells it: Esto es puro compás! Music made to dance to!

Cuarteto Federico - Grela: "Volumen I. Tangos" und "Volumen II. Valses Milongas y Selecciones"

Leopoldo Federico and Roberto Grela played together between 1965 and 1970, so, following the tango calendar, they joined fordes relatively late. While Grela had worked together with Troilo for quite a long time, complementing Troilo's bandoneón perfectly with his guitar, Federico had obtained some fame together with the singer Julio Sosa after already having played in the orchestras of Gobbi, DiSarli, Demare and Slagán.
On both CDs the most important moments of their collaboration are captured; one filled with tangos, oscillating between contemplative and lively, the other inhabited by valses and milongas. Especially interesting are the "Selecciones" (in chart jargon you'd probably say mega-mix). These selections consist of several valses, milongas, or tangos perfectly merged by the musicians within 3 to five minutes! There are also artist selections of de Caro, Mores, Piazzolla and even a hommage to Carlos Gardel!
And in all these compositions this very exceptional atmosphere unfolds which only emerges when bandoneón and guitar meet for a tete-à-tete.

Here you can find even more CDs released by Euro Records in our Shop.

And in case you are interested in more old and partly extremely rare recordings (even for download!), you should have a look at our "Tango Classics" series.
Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y yo"
Por fin! Sexteto Milonguero!


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