Por fin! Sexteto Milonguero!

Finally in our store!

The new CD from Sexteto Milonguero: "7".

And: "Dios mio!" what a staggering album - no: artwork!
More than one hour of vitality, "joie de vivre", goosebumps, (sounds somehow as if I'd write about salsa ;-) ) and danceable melancholy!

The Sexteto Milonguero originally joined forces to keep the Tango very close to the dancers, inside the milongas, and in the "barrio". And for this reason they accumulated a repertoire of tangos from the Golden Age, the 40's, which they don't just want to cover but reinterpret in their very personal sound. And, what shall I say, they master this undertaking to perfection!!!

It is just incredible what these guys make of the tangos from the 40's!!!
already the first song, "Embrujamiento", is far far away form a random copy of Malerba or D'Arienzo. It starts with an intro which is as long as it is ingenious and _ if anything - reminds me more of Piazzolla: highly dramatic and powerful. Then, at the beginning of the theme, the arc of suspense falls down shortly, the first tones are placid, then slowly the dynamic of the intro returns. And then, creating the climax, Javier Di Ciriaco's soulfully and intensively sung vocals come in and ultimately carry you off!
Or "Llorar por una mujer" (Track 4). It has nothing of the solemn sounds of a Enrique Rodíguez. To the contrary! It is downright vibrant with energy! So the sound box of the contrabass several times becomes a percussion instrument and a throaty "ha!" escapes the musicians' vocal cords, quite similar to a chacarera (which, by the way is also represented on this album). It wouldn't surprise me, if this song had already educed some unintentional stomps from one or two dancers in the milonga.
Such a dynamic and vigorous style literally begs for "valses" of course. And hence we can find a whole tanda of valses on the new album, consisting of "Flor de Lino", "Paisage", "Bajo un cielo de estrellas" and "Al pasar", which, framed by soli from bandoneón and bass, carry the dancers away on their rhythmic waves!
another extremely brilliant song is, in my opinion, "Junto a tu corazón" (Track 14)!

Alltoghether this CD has a power which is absolutely unique in tango!
I can perfectly understand why this album and the Sexteto came off so well in our newsletter poll!!!

Listen to it, turn up the sound, and enjoy! ;-)

And in case you just can't get enough, there furtunately is still the first album, "Pa' que bailen", from this incredible Sexteto Milonguero at your service!
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