...and even more Gotan! "Tango 3.0 Live" DVD

This fall is Gotan season, it seems.

'Cause besides the "Best Of", we've just presented to you, there is even more from Gotan to enjoy: the Tango 3.0 Live-DVD/BluRay!

With this package the absolutely impressive "Tango 3.0" Show at the Casino de Paris comes directly to your living rooms... whenever and as often as you like!
And let's be honest: you have to have seen Gotan Project live!
For as beautiful and mesmerizing as their music already is on CD - in their live shows it becomes part of an affecting, deeply touching overall performance together with the stunning and very aesthetic video show from Prisca Lobjoy. Sensual and surreal her visuals enhance the passion and the compelling effect of Gotan's music and make sure that the melodies and rhythms stuck in our heads are joined by the appropriate images.
A fantastic audiovisual experience!!!

By the way, Gotan Projects "Tango 3.0 Live" comes as DVD and BluRay in one Box.

And here comes a little appetizer:

Tango Holidays in Italy 2012!
Gotan... ain't it time for a Best Of? Damn right!!...


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Saturday, 20 April 2024