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Danza y Movimiento - The News on 02.09.2022 - New Tango Series / Cuban Tours



Here now after a long time again a newsletter from Danza y Movimiento.
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New series "Tango Selection Top 22" - Travel to Cuba now?

 Vacations over? Or are you going on vacation soon?
Dance may be there, whether at home or on the road ...


Tango Selection Top 22

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In a new series tango DJs, organizers or even teachers from all over the world
present their own album with their personal 22 favorite titles.
This is music to listen to and to dance to.
Read more in a recent blog post by clicking here.


Cuba - Salsa and more ...

Cuba Salsa

There is a group tour operator I would like to recommend to you.
Currently there are two group tours scheduled for November 2022 and February 2023.

In a recent blog post I also make a few thoughts about the current situation on the island.
More about that by clicking here.

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