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Danza y Movimiento - The News on 02.12.2020 - What is left of Cuba?


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Anyone who travels to Cuba just to enjoy white sandy beaches misses the essential. The real
values of this country are that in many places in Cuba the clocks tick differently. I become
aware of this again and again when I look at the lives of musicians who live in their villages
away from what we call "civilization" and whose music reveals their connection to non-technical
things. Music without electronic additions and also with a rhythmic basis on a few tin cans - that
is living!
We recently released another album of this not really commercial music. Alvarado lives in a
village in eastern Cuba and he is a musician, composer and painter. This inspired the German
filmmaker Hans Böffgen not only to produce the album "Una mirada fraternal" but also to make
a film about life in the village of Alvarado. More about Alvarado also in the blog post
"Alvarado - a Cuban legend".

Recently Cuba has also reopened to tourism. I quote from a remarkable newsletter of the
German organizer "Aventoura GmbH", whose managing director was present at the first flight
from Germany with the airline "Condor":
"When I heard the news that Condor was going to resume air traffic to Varadero and offer a so-
called "Look & Feel" trip for its partners with the first flight, I decided without further ado to
participate. I wanted to see the practical implementation of the Corona safety concepts for
myself and experience for myself what it feels like to travel under the new conditions.
So I flew with the first Condor long distance flight after 7 months on 31.10.20 together with a
delegation of other employees of travel agencies and tour operators in a direct flight from
Frankfurt to Varadero. ... At Varadero Airport it became immediately clear how seriously Cuba
is facing the pandemic. Everywhere, security personnel in protective suits are positioned to
monitor compliance with the protective measures or to implement them. The sterile cleanliness
of the arrivals hall was almost reminiscent of an operating room. …

Wherever we went, everywhere we saw that everyone, including the smaller children, wore
masks in every situation
. Disinfection is not only done in tourist facilities but basically
everywhere where people come together. The personal sense of security is no less than at
home, even if you get a little more involved in Cuban everyday life. If one considers then still
that the incidence numbers in Cuba belong world-wide to the lowest ones ..., one can feel quite
safe of an infection with Covid-19.“
(Emphasis in the text is in the original)
I am surprised that a German individual tour operator advertises that even small children in
Cuba would wear a mask. Obviously profit stands here in the application of safe travel in the
first place, because differently I cannot explain myself that masked infants are used as
advertising message.
Under the given circumstances (including a lack of planning security, dependence on relatively
arbitrary political decisions with restrictions on the freedom to travel), "Danza y Movimiento" is
currently no longer offering Cuba as a travel destination after almost 25 years of Cuban travel.
This does not mean that Cuba is still a country that I appreciate very much and where there is a
lot to discover. My apartment there in Havana is still for sale ...
Have fun with the music of Alvarado and the little film about life in a village where not (yet)
everything is under control ...


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