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Danza y Movimiento - The news on 18.03.2019 - A free Internet?


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Today it's about music and dancing. And this news is aimed specifically at all readers in the European Union. Next week the new copyright law will be put to the vote in the European Parliament. Before that, demonstrations against the new law are planned throughout Europe on 26 March. The current campaign to bring down the proposed law is a campaign against all those who create music. And ultimately also against all those who dance to music ...
After musicians, authors, composers and others have hardly been involved in the past 20 years in what has been generated financially by the Internet platforms for the use of their music, it is finally time for something to change here.
In view of the new copyright law, companies that earn a lot of money with music on the Internet have a vehement interest in giving as little as possible of their income also in the future. Accordingly, a campaign is currently underway to make Internet users believe that the new copyright law would threaten freedom of expression.
I see it the other way round. Freedom of expression on the Internet is threatened by the corporations that dominate the Internet - above all a well-known search engine.
Give your backing to the Members of the European Parliament so that they are not intimidated by the current campaign against copyright! A rejection of the draft law would put the current misery of music makers on a firm footing for a long time to come ...
More on this topic in my current blog post entitled "A free Internet?"
And if you should be active in the so-called social media, I would be happy if you would share my article "A free Internet?" there.
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