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Danza y Movimiento - The News on 07.09.2018 - Tango and Meditation


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Today I present the new tango album "Todo Corazon" with works by Luis Stazo. There are last spaces for tango courses in Umbria in September and an invitation to stop the automatism of everyday thoughts. 
New album with unknown works of Luis Stazo
In 2016, a musician and composer who had a great influence on the development of tango in Europe died. After having circumnavigated the world several times with the legendary tango show "Tango Pasion", he settled in Europe. There he lived with his wife Manuela for the last 11 years of his life in the Tango capital Berlin.
Luis Stazo has composed more than 100 tangos. While cleaning up, Manuela Stazo discovered four titles she had never seen or heard before. They just had to be recorded! Manuela inspired the musicians of the sextet StazoMayor, founded in 2008, with her enthusiasm. They met again in 2018. They have recorded an album with the 13 Berlin compositions of Luis, including of course the four unknown works "Abu Numa", "El Santo", "Enero 5" and "Posita".  "Todo Corazon" is available online since August 31st. My tip: Title 8, "Posita", a milonga - can also be heard on our website. You can buy the album in all online shops that offer music for download.
Dancing to tango music - last places in Italy in September
For the current tango courses in Umbria from September 15-22 and 22-29 there are still a few spaces available. More information on request - just reply to this mail...
Meditation - setting small breaks
I am currently in Italy and enjoy the silence and space of the mountains near Canossa. Silence is an important aspect of breaking through the automatisms of everyday life. Some also call this meditation. Taking a break in everyday life is like taking a short holiday. Often, however, we "lack" "time" - the day is completely scheduled. Here it can help to meet with others from time to time and to agree on a common time frame for meditation. This is exactly what I have been offering for a few months at irregular hours: I will send an email the day before an appointment to all those who have expressed interest. If you can arrange it, you sit down at the time indicated at home or wherever you can be undisturbed for half an hour. You watch your mind like you're watching the clouds. And you do not hold on to the clouds (thoughts), but let them move on again and again. Since you know your are not alone in this moment there can be the experience of being supported by other people also taking this personal break.
If you are interested to receive the info mails with the meditation times the day before such an appointment, please reply to this mail and I will gladly add you to the mailing list. Especially when I'm in Italy like now, the choice of appointments increases...
If you currently still have a few days vacation, you can still come to Canossa until September 27. There are different meditation offers every morning and also before dinner.
Many greetings
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