Winter can wait (3) - Manolito y su Trabuco: "Beat Cubano", Tirso Duarte: "Timbero Timbero" and Michel Maza: "El menor de la Salsa"

Let's go to Cuba! - at least with the ears ;-)
'Cause thanks to Manolito, Tirso Duarte and Michel Maza this is an absolutely great place to be!

Manolito y su Trabuco: "Beat Cubano"
On this album Manolitoy su Trabuco provide proof of their whole skillfulness! Now, that they are some of the best musicians concerning Salsa, they have already proven many times. Some of you may have been witnesses of their virtuosity recently, when they were touring in late summer and automn.
But on this album the Band shows that they know even more, that they all are versatile and extremely good musicians who won't limit themselves to only one genre. And as one of THE quality features of a musician is him being able really "jazz", it is not surprising that the album "Beat Cubano" of Manolito y su Trabuco is dedicated to Latin Jazz. What other challenges could there remain for this band? And even this challenge (if we suppose it is one) is mastered perfectly by the Trabuco! Most importantly it is mastered without banning the timbales and bongos to the background! So there is a good portion of groove while montunos transform into jazz solos and back again. Still the overall athmosphere of the album is quite laid back. Especially when, after having listened to it, the last song (a cover of "Bésame mucho") keeps on lingering in your head.
Another reason for exitement is the excellent performance of the many jazz-experienced guest musicians, as for example the flautist Germán Velasco!

Tirso Duarte: "Timbero Timbero" and Michel Maza: "El menor de la Salsa"
From Latin Jazz we go on to Timba!
And this time it's timba from two of the heroes of the genre, who know each other from childhood, played in some of the most important timba bands as for example Charanga Forever and now both pursue their own solo projects: Tirso Duarte and Michel Maza.
Tirso Duarte's "Timbero Timbero" is almost something like a Best Of! Included are "Estás perdiendo el brillo" (what a song!!!), "Para Que Nada te pueda pasar" (refreshingly pleasant reggaeton) and "Charanguero Mayor", as well as many other hits.
Michel Maza's new album, which he has called "El menor de la Salsa" according to his nickname, is a quite simlar project. Here we got some hits from the time with Charanga as well, like "Dicen que amor" and "Se cree que las sabe todas". But there are also many other productions from projects with other musicians or as a soloist.
If you love timba or if you just wanna get to know what it is, you should definitely listen to these CDs!

Alright! This should have been enough good music to cast out the winter's cold.

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