Winter can wait (2) - "Grandes Maestros de la Salsa Live 3", "Salsa Classics 6" and "Salsamanía 2"

On we go with more nonprescription drugs to cure the winter's cold!

This time we got three extremely big Compilations:

Grandes Maestros de la Salsa Live 3 (2 CDs)
What reminds us more of summer than Salsa? - Right: Salsa Live!
Inevitably the flair of park, beach and Festival unfolds. And memories of the big tours of the last summer awake. One which many of you have probably seen live recently is also represented on this sampler: Oscar D'León! But the others definitely don't have to hide behind him: Tito Puente, Rubén Blades, Ray Barretto, Lalo Rodriguez, Adalberto Santiago, Willie Rosario...
What makes these live recordings special, is that they convey even more liveliness than the studio recordings and that a very unique groove is developed between the musicians which often leads to gorgeous solos and improvisations. One (of many) examples is, for instance, "La Hipocresía, La Falsedad" by Adalberto Santiago and Ray Barretto (Track 7 on CD 2).
But you'd better listen yourself!

Salsa Classics 6 (2 CDs)
"Mira que ironica
es la vida..."
You can't read these words without instantly having in mind the voice of Frankie Ruiz and the melody of his mega hit! Really an absolute classic!
But by far not the only one 'cause after all this CD is named "Salsa Classics".
...Eddie Santiago, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Marc Anthony, Lalo Rodriguez, Johnny and Jerry Rivera, José Alberto... an there seems to be no end to this top class lineup!
But apart from the fact that all these artists are truly classics, something more catches the eye (or the ear ;-)): this compilation would have deserved a subtitle. It should have been named "Salsa Classics 6 - Salsa Romántica". For almost all songs belong to this genre - maybe with the exception of Oscar D'León's " Mi Mujer es una Bomba".
So: If you like Salsa Romántica you should definitely not miss this compilation!!!

Salsamanía 2 - Platinum Hits (3 CDs)
From Classics to "Platinum".
Here the sound is less romantic but considerably more vigorous - or "dura"!
Well, there remains a little bit of romance, represented by songs of Paquito Guzmán, Eddie Santiago and Victor Manuelle.
But the rest of the time is dedicated to higher pace and dynamic grooves.
The really big songs in my opinion are: "Te veo Nena" from Gran Combo and "Llegó la Orquesta" from the Spanish Harlem Orchestra (Tracks 2 and 3 on CD1), "Campana Mayoral" by Luisito Carrion & Bongolandia (Track 6, CD1), "Hot Salsa" from La Excelencia (Track 3, CD3), as well as "La boda" from Edwin Clemente and "Campanero" from Papo Pepín (Tracks 11 and 12 on CD 3).
Overall with this CD-Box you get a whopping 205 minutes of pure power!
A must for all Salsamaniacs ;-)

Even more big time Salsa you'll get next week and of course in our New Salsa Releases
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Saturday, 25 March 2023