Tango Classics goes on!

Tango Classics... is our exklusive Download-Series (in mp3 and FLAC), in which one of the largest European tango archives is refurbished and made available for you. Here we compile rarities and collector's gems alongside well-known classics on download albums.
Altogether 125 of these albums have been released until now... Until Now! 'Cause now we've added a total of 42 new compilations! and these are absolutely worthwhile!

Off we go with 21 tracks from Alberto Gomez on 2 albums, followed by altogether 10 samplers with tracks from Mercedes Simone, one of the comparatively few female Singers and Composers in the male-dominated world of tango.

Anibal Troilo too, is represented with a whole bunge of new downloads! So these add to a total of 13 compilations of his songs in our series... all of them a must-have ;-)
This holds as well for the 6 new albums of Alfredo Gobbi!

The largest part of our new releases constitutes the music of Julio De Caro: a whopping 135 songs! Now if that isn't an invitation for browsing...

The last two samplers (for now) come from Agustín Magaldi, the "Voz Sentimental de Buenos Aires".

Enjoy listening!

A detailed review of the last bunge of "Tango Classics" can be found >>here.

For the whole overview with further treasures to discover check out our "Tango Classics"-Series!

Keeping the best for last: for ten and more tracks you'll get a 10% discount and for fifty tracks and above even 20%!!!

"Tango Classics" has been supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ministry of Culture
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Saturday, 20 April 2024