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Our download section keeps growing...
One of the latest gems is a CD of a promising band from Italy: the Orquesta Caminito. The title of their album focuses on the essential: "Tango" ;-)

I'm not gonna conceal the fact that this album really amazed me - quite like "7" by Sexteto Milonguero!
Just looking at the selection of songs already tells you about the impressive versatility of this "Orquesta":
From solemn Tangos (La melodia de nuestro Adios, Ensueños, Para Osmar Maderna) to highly dramatic songs (El Recodo, Tanguera, El Huracan, A Evaristo Carriego) to quite merry and cheerful music (La Colegiala, Morena, Mairposa)... and even the deeply melancholic "Oblivión". Moreover the names of these tunes make clear that the five musicians can play everything from "Golden Era" to "Nuevo". Whether Canaro, D'Arienzo, or Piazzolla, die stylistic nuances are masterfully performed!

Probably my two favorite songs on this CD are "Ensueños" (Track 4) and "La Colegiala" (Track 5). The latter has got nothing to do with the well-known Latina hit ;-) For quite some time I wondered, what kind of music this is exactly, because it doesn't get along with tango dancing and is missing the typical milonga rythm... now I've learned, that "La Colegiala" is actually a foxtrot. Whatsoever. This song, which starts like a children' song and throughout the rest of the tune is pure joy, fun and energy, is exactly the right thing to put on in order to raise the spirits, previously immersed in plaintive tangos. And I actually like this version even better than the original from Enrique Rodriguez!

Other songs which I like particularly are "El Huracan" (Track 3), "El Recodo" (Track 1) and "Tanguera" (Track 9) as well as "Pacienca" (Track 13). Here is a live performance of the latter, so you can get a first impression:

The man at the microphone is playing the trumpet on other recordings (for example Tanguera or La Melodia de Nuestro Adios). The sound of brass instruments in tango I only knew from "La Tubatango" so far... but it fits perfectly in the program here!
So this man is Alberto Polese, of whom we also included some earlier (previously unreleased!) CDs in our download section, too. For Example this one (attention, it's not tango ;-) ).

The repertoire which the gentlemen from Orquesta Caminito list in their blog, comprises more than five times as many songs as the ones which made it to this CD! And this raises expectations, that we won't have to wait too long, before their next album will be released :-)
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Friday, 01 July 2022