Spring fever for Electrotango fans!

Two new albums have come out by two of the leading and established electro tango groups within a month of each other this spring. Both totally different and unique in style, Gotan Project's "Tango 3.0" and Otros Aires' "Tricota" offer us a broad spectrum of e-tango possibilities, moods and tastes from the laid-back loungy Gotan track "Tango square" to Otros Aires' dance club techno number "tangwerk" which shifts in and out of traditional tango lines and cadences. Otros Aires' unmistakable humor and lightness can be found in "barrio de amor" (not only there!) and Gotan creates an astounding piece in "la Gloria": a subtle, somewhat shady, simple but penetrating bass line sets a background for a contrasting -competing?- almost innocent bandoneon melody; in the middle of the piece comes a clip from a football commentary, whose intensity, rhythm and phrasing intimates the beginnings of hip hop.
Check them out:

Gotan Project, "Tango 3.0"

Otros Aires, "Tricota"
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Wednesday, 29 May 2024