Ricardo and Rotraut: Tango Vals...the last in the series

Tango Vals, the latest tango instructional DVD from Ricardo and Rotraut's series "Curso de Tango", rounds off quite nicely this excellent group of 5 DVDs: Tango de Salon 1, Tango de Salon 2, Tango de Fantasia, Milonga, and Vals.
Although at first somewhat sceptical about what one can learn from a video about dance in general and tango in particular, I must admit that these DVDs, or rather Ricardo and Rotraut manage to offer instruction in ways which more than compensate for the lack of 'live' teachers.
They use modern DVD and computer technology radically different than any other tango instructional videos and never lose sight of the medium through which the lessons are given. The result is a didactic masterpiece. The clearness of instruction, the pace, the variety of support, the ease of use, all come together to make the experience of learning at home both a pleasure and a success.
And they don't just focus on learning figures and steps - they are able to help the student in ultimately developing a real feeling for the tango.
These DVDs can even offer quite a bit for the 'not-quite beginner': different angle of explanation for familiar figures, a different camera angle (!), and the opportunity to review one's knowledge and ability with helpful hints and tips from the teachers.
A list of the steps and items covered in each DVD is given in the 'review' section on our online catalog - unfortunately only in German, but most of the figures are in the original Spanish and should be familiar to most Tango students. If not, google translator! :-)
Let's not forget one last important detail of this series, namely the language options in the DVD: there are 8 languages to choose from: Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkçe, English, Français, Portugues, Polski.

Check them out!

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Salon 1

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Salon 2

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Fantasia

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tanog, Milonga

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Vals
Spring fever for Electrotango fans!


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Saturday, 25 March 2023