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30 Salsa-Super-Hits on 2 CDs for all nostalgics “This is the song I practised my first steps to...!" with artists like Tito Gómez, Tito Rojas, Eddie Santiago, Puerto Rican Power, Pedro Jesús, Nino Segarra and many more.

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30 Merengue-Super-Hits on 2 CDS with artists like Alex Bueno, Eddy Herrera, La Mákina, Milly Quezada, Los Toros Band, Rikarena, La Banda Gorda and many more.

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Sometimes one encounters real gems. This CD is one of them. The subtitle of this bachata compilation is "Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era". It is a collection of the early days of bachata, when the genre was still frowned upon, at least by the so-called upper class. Artists like Rafael Encarnación, Blas Duran, Felix Quintana and Leonardo Paniagua prove that bachata can enchant you without pop and plastic:

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This is a journey to the roots of Colombian cumbia. The African influence cannot be denied, the voices and partly also the lyrics will send shivers down your spine because of their authenticity and the political background. Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto received a Latin Grammy for best folk album in 2007:

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Enjoy listening to this music!

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