BÄNDI: Satumaa - Finnish Tango

BÄNDI: Satumaa - Finnish Tango

You just have to look at the CD cover in order to know that this is not a typical tango production. No legs wrapped in fishnet stockings or other twisted bodily parts, no embraced dance couples or
obscure streets. Not at all, here we see two jaunty elks dancing.

Satumaa is at the same time melancholic and jolly. It is a mix of tango, and march, country, jazz and a lot more. Kristina Debelius (voice, stage piano, organ), Volker Denkel (western guitar & electric guitar), Thomas Salzmann (drums, percussion), Tobias Frisch (voice, violin, kazoo) and Johannes Kramer (double-bass) catch their audience with this mixture and they don’t let go. Willingly, we listen to the sighs from the bottom of Kristina’s heart and to her somehow husky voice, even if we don’t understand any Finnish. Please listen to this:

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The press thinks about BÄNDI
"Music which continues where Russion disco and Balkan beat reach their limits" (Frankfurter Rundschau)
"Wallowed with passion and oddity" (HR Online)
"Extremely danceable" (Journal Frankfurt)

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