Dance Schools in Buenos Aires

The German tango magazine "Tangodanza" has started a series of articles meant to introduce various dance schools in Buenos Aires. In the latest issue, the author - who lives in B.A.s - presents the concepts and activities of two schools in which 'tango de salon' is taught: "Estudio la Esquina" and the "Tangoescuela Carlos Copello". Through a differentiated description of both schools, the author attempts to give an orientation to tango tourists, who often waste an enormous amount of time during their stay looking for the right school.

"Danza y Movimiento" works along similar lines within our travel deal to Argentina: local 'tango scouts' find the right school for dancers on location. Lessons can then be booked directly or coupons can be bought for one or more schools. The benefit of this system: lessons are guaranteed, no one stands and waits in front of a locked door, and there is always a local contact person to help get oriented in the always growing and changing dance scene of the Argentinian capital.

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