13th Hamburg International Tango Festival: Quinteto Angel!

We don't usually write about festivals, since to keep up to date on all of them would be a job in itself! But this one deserves a mention for two reasons. Firstly, we're based in Hamburg so a little bit of city loyalty is OK ;-). Secondly, we proudly stock the CDs of Quinteto Angel, who will be playing at the festival, presenting their new CD "Final de Fiesta".

Quinteto Angel has, since its founding, made a name for itself worldwide. They are a modern German tango quintet playing traditional tango music with a contemporary intensity and vitality usually thought unlikely or even impossible for 'foreigners', i.e. non-Argentinians. There is no room for doubt here that these musicians live and breath tango and combine their passion for the music with high musicianship.
For a foretaste:

Quinteto Angel, Final de Fiesta

Quinteto Angel, Sabado Ingles

Quinteto Angel, Danzarin

For the real thing (date, time and place of performance), check out the website of Universo Tango, under Festival:
Universo Tango

The festival takes place from August 26th to 29th and Quinteto Angel will be playing on the 27th of August as the main musical attraction. The festival as a whole promises to be good, with many great dancers performing and offering workshops.

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Thursday, 29 February 2024