New instructional tango DVD from Ricardo and Rotraut

The new, long-awaited instructional DVD for tango beginners has finally come out! This DVD offers a carefully, systematically arranged and instructive introduction to the world of tango. Modern computer/DVD technology has allowed them to offer dancers a number of innovative resources in this medium. Another bonus: 8 languages are available: Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkçe, English, Français, Portugues, Polski. The DVD is in PAL format. A more exact description of the DVD's contents can be found in German here:

Ricardo and Rotraut instructional DVD, Content

You can find the DVD here:

Ricardo and Rotraut instructional DVD, Curso de Tango
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Our new employee: Danel Cove

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce our new colleague, Danel Cove. He has already started to actively support our Danza y Movimiento Team and will be substituting for me when I go on maternity leave in January 2010. We're delighted that Danel has jumped aboard and we're looking forward to the teamwork.

Tanja Darwisch
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Fernando Santullo y Bajofondo

Back again! Bajofondo

Fernando Santullo is the composer of -among other things- "Ya no duele el corazón" and "El mareo", titles which appear on the CD "Mar Dulce" by Bajofondo and which already enjoy great popularity in the tango scene.

This is a solo album of the Barcelona-based Uruguayan. Dynamically supported by Bajofondo, his CD "Santullo" is less tango-dominated than Bajofondo's. It still, however, has the same hypnotic power and gets better with every listening. Definitely worth checking out!:

Fernando Santullo y Bajofondo
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Legends of Folklore Argentino, Flamenco & Música do Brasil

The DVD-series "Legends of..." remembers the Lippmann + Rau festivals between1965 and 1969. The festival casts include names of artists with the highest esteem in their countries and internationally. The recordings made by the German broadcasting companies SWF and WDR in those years during the festivals (camera for Michael Ballhaus) are of extreme cultural value. They often contain the only pictures available of the musicians at that time, documents which cannot be found even in their countries of origin. The DVD-edition won the prize of the "Deutsche Schallplattenkritik" (3/2009) in the category DVD-video-production.

Legends of... (DVD)

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Danza y Movimiento - the travel trend-setter

Since 1996, Danza y Movimiento has created a large programme for dance courses, Spanish classes, classes for musical instruments and theatre in various countries. In the beginning, the focus was on salsa and tango, but over the years, the range of dance offers has been enlarged to almost all areas of dance and movement. The programme contains modern dance or ballet in Havana or hip hop, Alexander technique or BioDanza in Buenos Aires. And these are only some examples of a broad variety of offers, which are suitable for professionals, beginners, for spending your annual holidays in an active way, and which extend into the areas of dance therapy and choreography.

“Danza y Movimiento” is considered a trend-setter, and thus it isn't surprising that other travel organisers frequently visit our website. It became particularly obvious in the case of Cuba, because especially "salsa" became a lucrative term for big and small travel companies in the late 1990s. Since then, again and again, complete text passages from “Danza y Movimiento” appear in the catalogues of other travel agencies. This is what we call a lively interest...

It is possible to copy the words but not the essence of our travel offers. Considering the

- key contents of our cultural programme
- format and goal of our journeys
- personal support of our guests before and during the journey
- possibility of an exchange of experiences after the journey

we are not worried by many of the copies currently on the market. But it is easy to tell the copy from the original: Questioning the content
of other agencies' offers, one can easily find out, if the answer is well-grounded or if it only consists in catch-phrases or compositions of text excerpts.

If you are looking for the original and for professional structures, we will be happy to assist you with or advice for your journey to Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay or Italy.

Travel offers to Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay or Italy

(Updated in february 2016)
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International Tango Festival Hamburg

From August 28th - August 30th 2009, the International Tango festival Hamburg will take place for the 12th time already. The three days are packed with workshops, classy milongas, the big tango ball in the Mozartsälen and shows with the following dance couples:

- Diego Pájaro Riemer & Belén Giachello
- Santiago & Erna Giachello
- Marco Palladino & Nicoletta Pregnolato
- Federico Farfaro & Liesl Bourke

The 10 musicians of the Gran Orquesta Sabor a Tango will play for the dancers.

There is a detailed description of the festival on the homepage of "Universo Tango":

Please note: When booking and paying before July, 31st, there is a discount of 5%!

So, quickly polish your dance shoes, pack your bag with your best clothes and come to Hamburg. Our harbour city is always worth travelling to!
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Arabic Tango with Soumaya Baalbaki

The CD "Arabtango" by the libanese singer Soumaya Baalbaki is a rare discovery which, again, demonstrates the worldwide fascination for tango. These are the audio samples:

Soumaya Baalbaki: Arabtango

Unfortunately, there is no translation of the lyrics, but we would like to offer a (free) translation of the track titles, at least:

I would give you my eyes
They didn't release me
Once, you came to my garden
It wasn't me who cried
I am in love with you
I am dreaming with you
I love you, and you think of me
For you, oh moon
Oh, you lover of the flowers

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Latin CD-News

Our pages of recommendations are full with new CDs. There will be something for everybody, for sure:

Amarfis y la Banda de Atakke: 7ma Synfonia de Atakke
Merengue duro

Ricardo Arjona: 5to Piso
Renowned singer/ songwriter from Guatemala with new, sophisticated

Aventura: Last
Is there anybody who doesn't know these bachateros? The band speaks of separation, so this album might really be their last one.

Magic Juan: Sure Bet
Merengue/ Latin rap/ reggaeton

Truco y Zaperoko: En Plena Rumba
Afro-Caribbean dance party with salsa, plena and rumba.

Varios: Cuba Hits Envidia Vol. 4
With Havana Salsa Team, Arnaldo y la Cosmopolita, Tirso Duarte, Maikel Blanco and many others.

Victor Manuelle: Muy Personal
Very romantic album with ballads dedicated to his family.

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Putumayo presents: Salsa!

Fruko y sus Tesos, Grupo Galé, Eddie Palmieri, Orquesta Aragón, José Conde, Ricardo Lemvo... Doesn't it make your mouth water? Well, then go ahead and order this "hip-shaking music from the hottest salsa bands in the Americas". The booklet with interesting background information is in English, Spanish and French.
A part of the sale of this CD will be donated to the Pan American Health and
Education Foundation in support of its efforts to improve health care services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Putumayo presents: Salsa!
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Salsa/ Latin productions made in Italy

Danza y Movimiento presents a whole new range of CDs by "Alosibla Edizioni Musicali" from Italy. The series "" is already extremely popular. The mix of Salsa and Bachata is great for your Latin dance night. The price is 14,99 Euro per CD (13,49 Euro for Premium DyM Club members). 3 4 5

Raza Latina
Fresh mix of Salsa and Bachata

Croma Latina
Excellent, still relatively unknown Salsa combo. This definitely has to change!

Fernando Rojos and the Latin Soul Orchestra
Salsa, Mambo and Cha Cha Cha with big orchestra

Fernando Sosa
Massimo Scalici and Fernando Sosa have composed a diversified CD with Salsa, Bachata and Latin Pop.

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Mercedes Sosa: Cantora

Especially the song "Gracias a la vida" made the Argentian songwirter famous all over the world. She is known for her beautifully warm and deep voice. For this album, the "grande dame" of Argentina has invited some renowned artists like Juan Manuel Serrat, Jorge Drexler, Caetano Veloso, Shakira, Leon Gieco and Pedro Aznar.

Mercedes Sosa: Cantora
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Salsa news by Envidia/ Lujuria

There is fresh Salsa supply for all dance enthusiasts. The Spanish label Envidia/Lujuria has just released some excellent productions. Don't miss out on this:

Bobby Pérez y Tres con Kaché: Poniendo todo el corazón
Salsa Romántica of the family business.

Puerto Rican Power: Grabado en vivo
Live recording by the veterans of Salsa. They still know how to do it.

Edwin Clemente: Aquí traigo la rumba, bailador!
Salsa á la Puerto Rico. 100% danceable and many catchy tunes.
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Series "A night in..."

You still have to wait for your next holidays? No problem! With this CD-series you can relax, close your eyes and travel to the country of your dreams. The albums contain titles which are characteristic for the corrsponding country. Nostalgic flair is guaranteed!

A night in Argentina

A night in Brazil

A night in Dominican Republic

A night in Puerto Rico

A night in Colombia

A night in Cuba

A night in Mexico

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Salsa festival Havana: Special offer for dance schools

Attention, dance school operators and salsa teachers! We have arranged a special partner programme for the group journey to Havana in 2009. It allows dance schools, dance instructors and of course dance students a participation for reduced prices. So if you offer salsa and if you are interested in this programme, please contact me, Matthias, now by using the contact form:

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Swiss DJ Daniel Niedermann from Zürich is responsible for the selection of this sampler. With the right touch, he collected 12 salsa pearls and published them. There are titles by Calambuco, Son de Tikizia, Calle Real, LA 33, La Sucursal, Bio Ritmo, Manteca and many others. The selection is very versatile. The different tempi make this sampler arractive to friends of salsa dura, timba or classical salsa. Don't miss out on this:

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Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

This is the soundtrack for the movie "EL ÚLTIMO APLAUSO – La vida es un tango", which portrays people in Buenos Aires who are dedicated to tango. It tells the story of a group of tango singers performing in the legendary bar „El Chino" in Buenos Aires. After the sudden death of the charismatic El Chino, the bar falls to pieces and the singers follow differnt ways dominated by the Argentinian economic crisis. After several years, the tango singer Cristina de los Ángeles initiates a reunion, and a new and fascinating project emerges, in which the singers unite with the young and worldwide known Orquesta Típica Imperial.

This is the link leading to the CD with audiosamples:

Soundtrack: El Último Aplauso

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Urban Latin with Novalima and Chicha Libre

If "Peru" only reminds you of Machu Picchu and panpipes, then you will get a whole new impression today. The following two Urban Latin CDs impressively combine tradition and modernity, and the mix of different sounds make them 100% suitable for the dancefloor. Here are two translated comments of the "notes"-magazine:

Novalima: Coba Coba

The music of the Peruvian black minority with new pride on the dancefloor - a surprisingly organic and danceable complete work of art between the rhythms of the bluesy Landó and the graceful Marinera on the traditional side, and Dub, Broken Beat, Salsa and HipHop from the club corner.

Novalima: Coba Coba

Chicha Libre: Sonido Amazonico

A surprising Latin cocktail from Brooklyn, NYC - stirred and shaken from Peruvian Chicha-musik from the 1970s, full of surf guitars, psychedelic Moog/ Farfisa sounds and hot Cumbia-versions of Satie and Ravel.

Chicha Libre: Sonido Amazonico
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Cuban Roots

50 years after the victory of the Cuban Revolution, on the first of Januaray 1959, this compilation of rare songs is a musical chronicle that tries to reflect the feelings of the majority of the Cuban people
who fought for their rights. This is a sound document with an emotional charge and dose of sarcastic humor that will leave no one indifferent:

Varios: 50 Aniversario del Triunfo de la Revolucion (2 CD)

In the following collection, we can hear the voices and groups led by the best performers playing twenty-five of these immortal guajiras that reflect the experiences of the guajiros and the landscape of the Cuban countryside. Amongst the artists are Guillermo Portabales, the Trio Matamoros, Celina & Reutilio and the Duo Los Compadres.

Varios: Por los Campos de Cuba - 25 Guajiras Inmortales
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New CDs from Cuba

Havana or "La Habana" without music is unthinkable. This sampler presents partly unknown but popular tracks, which charecterise the streets of the vibrating city of Havana. Do you feel in the mood for a musical journey? Listen to this:

Callejón Habana: The Essence Of Cuban Street Music

Salsa and Timba of top class Cuban musicians: Tirso Duarte (Pupy y los que Son Son, NG La Banda, Charanga Habanera), Alexander Acosta (Elio Revé, Charanga Forever y Chispa y los cómplices) and Evelio Jaz (Havana Power Band).

Havana Salsa Team: Encontrando La Fórmula

Soneros del Gallo is a new Cuban combo, which is dedicated to Salsa Dura. Great musicians and powerful arrangements. This CD is 100% dancefloor material with a high musical quality - a combination not always found. Definitely worth listening to:

Soneros del Gallo: Gallos De Pelea

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Pablo Banchero: Tangos Nuevos

The Argentinian singer Pablo Banchero lost his heart to tango in the late 1980s. Back then, he wanted to sing tangos, meanwhile most other teenagers preferred jazz and rock. Today, many years later, he recorded his first CD at the age of 42. The newspaper "La Nacion" calls him a new "icon of tango" (the complete, very interesting, article can be read under "reviews").

The CD presents 14 unreleased tangos written by the singer and composer Pablo Banchero, who also learned his craft from Virgilio Expósito (author of "Naranjo en flor").

You can listen to the audio samples:

Pablo Banchero: Tangos Nuevos

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