...and even more Gotan! "Tango 3.0 Live" DVD

This fall is Gotan season, it seems.

'Cause besides the "Best Of", we've just presented to you, there is even more from Gotan to enjoy: the Tango 3.0 Live-DVD/BluRay!

With this package the absolutely impressive "Tango 3.0" Show at the Casino de Paris comes directly to your living rooms... whenever and as often as you like!
And let's be honest: you have to have seen Gotan Project live!
For as beautiful and mesmerizing as their music already is on CD - in their live shows it becomes part of an affecting, deeply touching overall performance together with the stunning and very aesthetic video show from Prisca Lobjoy. Sensual and surreal her visuals enhance the passion and the compelling effect of Gotan's music and make sure that the melodies and rhythms stuck in our heads are joined by the appropriate images.
A fantastic audiovisual experience!!!

By the way, Gotan Projects "Tango 3.0 Live" comes as DVD and BluRay in one Box.

And here comes a little appetizer:

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Gotan... ain't it time for a Best Of? Damn right!!!

Oh, I still remember how much I enjoyed Tango 3.0.
Especially awesome was "La gloria"! Somewhere between electro, breaks and tango... and I have hardly ever heard such a fat bass in e-tango. And if you've ever been to Argentina and listened to a football game on the radio you'll have to smile big time about the wonderful idea of integrating this experience into a song!
"La panamericana" fascinated me, too. It's got something very hypnotic and you instantly feel beamed into a truck which rushes in a split second through villages like mancora, on his endlessly long way down south...

It seems I wasn't alone with this 'cause only a year later these two songs are honored with an appearance on Gotan Projects first "Best Of" toghether with loads of other hits which keep being stuck in the heads of so many tangueras and tangueros.
And this is really saying something, considering the amount of brilliant songs of this french trio, which set off the electro tango wave ten years ago and since then never ceased to add new facets to this music.

Besides absolute classics like "Santa María" or "Una música brutal" you'll even find two new, previously unreleased tracks on the CD!
One of them - "Strength to love" - proves that tango even harmonizes perfectly with melodic-thoughtful rap! Brilliant!!!

Gotan Projects "Best Of" will be released on 11/18/2011 and can already be pre-ordered by DyM-Club members!
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Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y yo"

Just a few days ago I've written about an exciting Cooperation of Leopoldo Federico (with Roberto Grela) in this place...
and I already got my hands on the next one, this time with Susana Rinaldi, one of THE Grandes Dames of tango.

A bandoneón and a voice, both matured through experience, who meet and have a lot to tell each other. And who are incredibly good in listening to each other, as it is the case between good friends.

In their conjunto it seems as if they followed their very own rhythm, a beat that only belongs to them and to no one else. I can see them see them in my mind's eye, sitting together, reminiscing in and through melodies full of melancholy...
The recordings captured on this CD carry a very private atmosphere. Sometimes you hear them talk to each other... But it's not only a "bueno vamo'" that makes you feel like having been invited, sitting in an armchair right in front of these exceptional musicians, listening devoutly, while their mind and soul dwells in music and yesterdays: "éramos... éramos jóvenes"
It is more the solemn, deeply immersed play of Federico and Rinaldi's shift between narration and chant... a chant that has to narrate a story, whose source are decades of life and music.

In this way Rinaldi and Federico loose themselves in tango, from "El día que me quieras" and "Malena" to "Naranjo en Flor" and "Che, Bandoneón". The epilogue is composed by themselves, a retrospection, looking back to the times they just commemorated musically: "Éramos tan Jóvenes".

Rinaldi y Federico: "Vos y Yo"
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News from Euro Records!

Recorded in the 40's, released in 2011.
What is that supposed to mean?

Well, in this case we have to go back to 1995 to answer that question. For in that year the Buenos Aires Tango Club was founded.
In the beginning 20 tango-experts and -lovers set off with the aim to preserve the heritage of this music, or more precisely: this culture; to prevent it from oblivion or even being lost forever.
Because of the not really robust shellac records, THE music medium of the most important tango years, only few survived. And due to commercial reasons not that many records were rereleased on vinyl later.
So that is why several thousand associates of the Buenos Aires Tango club have been busy for quite a while now with searching Archives of past as well as still existing labels for recoverable master tapes or other usable sound carriers and remastering them with the modern means of audio technology.
To make these recording accessible to a broader public, the label Euro Records s.a. was founded in 2001. They release thoroughly selected compilations of these recordings as the fruits of all this labor, so to say.

Of these fruits we just received three absolutely new ones:

Enrique Rodriguez: "Esto es puro compás"

Enrique Rodriguez, from whose pen we got such wonderful tangos as "Llorar por una mujer", was well known for new and unconventional orchestrations and a broad and varied repertoire of happy and romantic tangos. His prime overlaps pretty much with the Golden Age of tango, the 40's.
On this CD (the first which Euro Records releases form Rodriguez') however one finds altogether very nice recordings from the beginning of his career (1937-1941) - many of them composed by Rodriguez himself!
And the title already already tells it: Esto es puro compás! Music made to dance to!

Cuarteto Federico - Grela: "Volumen I. Tangos" und "Volumen II. Valses Milongas y Selecciones"

Leopoldo Federico and Roberto Grela played together between 1965 and 1970, so, following the tango calendar, they joined fordes relatively late. While Grela had worked together with Troilo for quite a long time, complementing Troilo's bandoneón perfectly with his guitar, Federico had obtained some fame together with the singer Julio Sosa after already having played in the orchestras of Gobbi, DiSarli, Demare and Slagán.
On both CDs the most important moments of their collaboration are captured; one filled with tangos, oscillating between contemplative and lively, the other inhabited by valses and milongas. Especially interesting are the "Selecciones" (in chart jargon you'd probably say mega-mix). These selections consist of several valses, milongas, or tangos perfectly merged by the musicians within 3 to five minutes! There are also artist selections of de Caro, Mores, Piazzolla and even a hommage to Carlos Gardel!
And in all these compositions this very exceptional atmosphere unfolds which only emerges when bandoneón and guitar meet for a tete-à-tete.

Here you can find even more CDs released by Euro Records in our Shop.

And in case you are interested in more old and partly extremely rare recordings (even for download!), you should have a look at our "Tango Classics" series.
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Por fin! Sexteto Milonguero!

Finally in our store!

The new CD from Sexteto Milonguero: "7".

And: "Dios mio!" what a staggering album - no: artwork!
More than one hour of vitality, "joie de vivre", goosebumps, (sounds somehow as if I'd write about salsa ;-) ) and danceable melancholy!

The Sexteto Milonguero originally joined forces to keep the Tango very close to the dancers, inside the milongas, and in the "barrio". And for this reason they accumulated a repertoire of tangos from the Golden Age, the 40's, which they don't just want to cover but reinterpret in their very personal sound. And, what shall I say, they master this undertaking to perfection!!!

It is just incredible what these guys make of the tangos from the 40's!!!
already the first song, "Embrujamiento", is far far away form a random copy of Malerba or D'Arienzo. It starts with an intro which is as long as it is ingenious and _ if anything - reminds me more of Piazzolla: highly dramatic and powerful. Then, at the beginning of the theme, the arc of suspense falls down shortly, the first tones are placid, then slowly the dynamic of the intro returns. And then, creating the climax, Javier Di Ciriaco's soulfully and intensively sung vocals come in and ultimately carry you off!
Or "Llorar por una mujer" (Track 4). It has nothing of the solemn sounds of a Enrique Rodíguez. To the contrary! It is downright vibrant with energy! So the sound box of the contrabass several times becomes a percussion instrument and a throaty "ha!" escapes the musicians' vocal cords, quite similar to a chacarera (which, by the way is also represented on this album). It wouldn't surprise me, if this song had already educed some unintentional stomps from one or two dancers in the milonga.
Such a dynamic and vigorous style literally begs for "valses" of course. And hence we can find a whole tanda of valses on the new album, consisting of "Flor de Lino", "Paisage", "Bajo un cielo de estrellas" and "Al pasar", which, framed by soli from bandoneón and bass, carry the dancers away on their rhythmic waves!
another extremely brilliant song is, in my opinion, "Junto a tu corazón" (Track 14)!

Alltoghether this CD has a power which is absolutely unique in tango!
I can perfectly understand why this album and the Sexteto came off so well in our newsletter poll!!!

Listen to it, turn up the sound, and enjoy! ;-)

And in case you just can't get enough, there furtunately is still the first album, "Pa' que bailen", from this incredible Sexteto Milonguero at your service!
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Download salsa and tango music as FLAC

All titles that we offer in our shop as downloads are now not only available in mp3 format, but also in the lossless format FLAC. You have then the possibility, without additional costs, of downloading your music as mp3 and/or as FLAC. The one requirement: a club membership!
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Important news for all members of our club

Starting now, there is only "club yes or no". All previous basic-members have been set to the old premium level. We are giving you the extra services up until your next membership payment. If your basic membership expires within the next 3 months (until 01.08.2011), as a previous basic member you have -as an exception- the opportunity to cancel your membership. You have until May 15th to make use of this chance. Please note, that there is now only one club fee of 29.88 euros per year. Of course with great corresponding benefits … :-)
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Famous Tango choreograph is our travel guide for Easter in B.A.s

Congratulations Ignacio González Cano!
We're usually somewhat reserved about giving too much information about our local tour guides, since we often have to make changes at the last minute due to their job schedules. But it is now time to be open about our Easter trip from April 16th to 30th. Particularly since one of our tour guides for this
trip just brought a successful and highly-praised choreography of "Carmen" to the stage:

Carmen production in Buenos Aires

Whoever would like to meet Ignacio personally on this 14-day trip, there is one double room available and space for one woman in a shared double room:

Tango in Buenos Aires, Easter 2011
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Tango in Montevideo: Coming in

Dancing tango in Montevideo is coming into fashion and becoming increasingly attractive for tango travellers. The capital of Uruguay lies somewhat in the shadow of the Buenos Aires metropolis on the other side of the Rio de la Plata, but it is catching up more and more due to its special charm. A big contribution is certainly the excellent tango teachers, who are getting great feedback from beginners to advance tangueros and tangueras, alone or as a couple. And, you can also book a visit to an evening milonga accompanied by one of the teachers - a unique and exciting dance experience!

Tango dancing in Montevideo
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Tango Classics Series

"Danza y Movimiento" has begun with the release of a new tango series. The project is called "Tango Classics" and draws on one of the largest European tango archives, which the Hamburg-born composer Klaus Johns compiled during his life.

Many of the recordings in this series have never been released, with the exception of the original gramophone records many years ago! The historical value of some of these recordings is so high that the Hamburg cultural authority has decided to support our project.

If you want to get an overview of the recordings released up to now, then you'll need to take some time to do so. We have put together a list on one of our recommendation pages of the 79 CDs currently available for download:

Tango Classics to download

I recommend registering in our shop first before visiting this page, in order to preview the individual CDs. (The links to the recommendations can be found in the right menu column under "Specials".)

It is possible in our new download shop to put all desired titles into your own download shopping cart and to download the tracks as mp3s to your computer.

Some of the CDs are currently only available through us and can otherwise not be bought elsewhere! Here, for example, these CDs from Pugliese, Biagi, Corsini and Donato:
Tango classics: exclusive mp3s

Or the CD "Chique" from Edgardo Donato:
Edgardo Donato, "Chique"

Each track costs only 99 cents. 10 or more tracks and you get a 10% discount. 50 tracks or more gets you a 20% discount!

Enjoy our new tango offer!
Have fun in our new download shop!

"Tango Classics" has been supported by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ministry of Culture
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Tango Courses in Italy 2011

The dates for courses connected to your tango holiday in Italy 2011 are now online!

With us this year are well-known teachers such as Siobhan Dougherty & Michael Lavocah, Susanne Illini & Harald Rotter, Joseba Pagola & Bakartxo Arabaolaza, Laura Priori & Andreas von Maxen, Kathrin Holtz & Jens Dörr, Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz, Ricardo Barrios & Laura Melo, Steve & Debbie Morrall, Brigitta Winkler und Wolfgang Sandt.

It is advisable to reserve a spot in your course of choice as soon as possible. In the past, many inquiries came in at a time when the courses were already booked out.

Tango Holiday in Umbria 2011
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Tango travel agents are superfluous!

The tango scene in Buenos Aires is multi-facetted and very alive. There is a multitude of competent tango teachers for all varieties of modern and classical tango. There is a great number of schools, among which some are absolutely professionally organised and run and which offer -next to qualified instruction- a complete merchandising of shoes, clothing and music. In addition, dance partners and accommodation are often arranged. Some tango schools offer Spanish lessons in cooperation with language schools. Even airport pickups are organised. Tango tourism in Buenos Aires shows a complex and complete tourism infrastructure.

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A Room in Buenos Aires...

...is still available for you, if you want to spend two weeks practicing tango, complemented with yoga and relaxation training for dancers. This offer is part of our group tour from September 18th to 29th. Susanna is with us as our tour guide from Danza y Movimiento and local tango dancers will give us the most up-to-date information on the scene of the great tango metropolis. This 10-member group has its own individual character. Presently, there is still one room, which can be booked by one person or up to 3 people booking together. And there is also one space still for a woman in a double room...

For more information on the trip to Buenos Aires from the 18th to 29th of September, 2010, click here!
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13th Hamburg International Tango Festival: Quinteto Angel!

We don't usually write about festivals, since to keep up to date on all of them would be a job in itself! But this one deserves a mention for two reasons. Firstly, we're based in Hamburg so a little bit of city loyalty is OK ;-). Secondly, we proudly stock the CDs of Quinteto Angel, who will be playing at the festival, presenting their new CD "Final de Fiesta".

Quinteto Angel has, since its founding, made a name for itself worldwide. They are a modern German tango quintet playing traditional tango music with a contemporary intensity and vitality usually thought unlikely or even impossible for 'foreigners', i.e. non-Argentinians. There is no room for doubt here that these musicians live and breath tango and combine their passion for the music with high musicianship.
For a foretaste:

Quinteto Angel, Final de Fiesta

Quinteto Angel, Sabado Ingles

Quinteto Angel, Danzarin

For the real thing (date, time and place of performance), check out the website of Universo Tango, under Festival:
Universo Tango

The festival takes place from August 26th to 29th and Quinteto Angel will be playing on the 27th of August as the main musical attraction. The festival as a whole promises to be good, with many great dancers performing and offering workshops.

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Dance Schools in Buenos Aires

The German tango magazine "Tangodanza" has started a series of articles meant to introduce various dance schools in Buenos Aires. In the latest issue, the author - who lives in B.A.s - presents the concepts and activities of two schools in which 'tango de salon' is taught: "Estudio la Esquina" and the "Tangoescuela Carlos Copello". Through a differentiated description of both schools, the author attempts to give an orientation to tango tourists, who often waste an enormous amount of time during their stay looking for the right school.

"Danza y Movimiento" works along similar lines within our travel deal to Argentina: local 'tango scouts' find the right school for dancers on location. Lessons can then be booked directly or coupons can be bought for one or more schools. The benefit of this system: lessons are guaranteed, no one stands and waits in front of a locked door, and there is always a local contact person to help get oriented in the always growing and changing dance scene of the Argentinian capital.

Information on tango trips to Buenos Aires

The latest issue of "Tangodanza"

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Dancing tango and salsa to the World Cup...

is now possible with the "Vamos! Football" CD, which will definitely create a good mood and which costs only 1,99 euros until July 11th. We've also got some other specials ready for the World Cup: up to the final game you save 25 euro per box on the Vamos Box Set, containing 10 CDs! Tango fans can clear their ears of the vuvuzelas with Mercedes Simone for only 6,99 instead of 17,99 euros.

You can find the CDs mentioned here:

"Vamos! Football" - World Cup mood music from the Caribbean

The "Vamos Box" - 10 CDs for only 24,99 euros!

Mercedes Simone - gets under your skin, in a good way!

The prices quoted here are valid until the final game on July 11th, 2010.

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Men who dance tango...

are still somewhat rare in our tango trip in September - even though this dance holiday is the ideal opportunity for men who want to dive into tango and don't have a partner. Actually it is more than ideal, it is a dream situation, especially in Buenos Aires. The single foreign man often stands around at a milonga at the edge of the dance floor with no chance to dance, as long as he has not had an opportunity to show his abilities. A great opportunity for men who really want to dance...
If you want to know more about this trip, check out this link:

Seminar for tango, yoga and relaxation in Buenos Aires
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Spring fever for Electrotango fans!

Two new albums have come out by two of the leading and established electro tango groups within a month of each other this spring. Both totally different and unique in style, Gotan Project's "Tango 3.0" and Otros Aires' "Tricota" offer us a broad spectrum of e-tango possibilities, moods and tastes from the laid-back loungy Gotan track "Tango square" to Otros Aires' dance club techno number "tangwerk" which shifts in and out of traditional tango lines and cadences. Otros Aires' unmistakable humor and lightness can be found in "barrio de amor" (not only there!) and Gotan creates an astounding piece in "la Gloria": a subtle, somewhat shady, simple but penetrating bass line sets a background for a contrasting -competing?- almost innocent bandoneon melody; in the middle of the piece comes a clip from a football commentary, whose intensity, rhythm and phrasing intimates the beginnings of hip hop.
Check them out:

Gotan Project, "Tango 3.0"

Otros Aires, "Tricota"
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Ricardo and Rotraut: Tango Vals...the last in the series

Tango Vals, the latest tango instructional DVD from Ricardo and Rotraut's series "Curso de Tango", rounds off quite nicely this excellent group of 5 DVDs: Tango de Salon 1, Tango de Salon 2, Tango de Fantasia, Milonga, and Vals.
Although at first somewhat sceptical about what one can learn from a video about dance in general and tango in particular, I must admit that these DVDs, or rather Ricardo and Rotraut manage to offer instruction in ways which more than compensate for the lack of 'live' teachers.
They use modern DVD and computer technology radically different than any other tango instructional videos and never lose sight of the medium through which the lessons are given. The result is a didactic masterpiece. The clearness of instruction, the pace, the variety of support, the ease of use, all come together to make the experience of learning at home both a pleasure and a success.
And they don't just focus on learning figures and steps - they are able to help the student in ultimately developing a real feeling for the tango.
These DVDs can even offer quite a bit for the 'not-quite beginner': different angle of explanation for familiar figures, a different camera angle (!), and the opportunity to review one's knowledge and ability with helpful hints and tips from the teachers.
A list of the steps and items covered in each DVD is given in the 'review' section on our online catalog - unfortunately only in German, but most of the figures are in the original Spanish and should be familiar to most Tango students. If not, google translator! :-)
Let's not forget one last important detail of this series, namely the language options in the DVD: there are 8 languages to choose from: Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Türkçe, English, Français, Portugues, Polski.

Check them out!

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Salon 1

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Salon 2

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Tango de Fantasia

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tanog, Milonga

Ricardo y Rotraut, Curso de Tango, Vals
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Not all news is new. Although I wrote about this fantastic group about a month ago in the German blog and then wrote a few lines in the newsletter after that, I haven't really got around to writing a few words in English until now.
The group, Jasstango, brought out the same-named album back in 2008. We just brought in on board at the beginning of this year. I listened to the album intensively for a good couple of weeks back then and was extremely enthusiastic. Then I took a break. I'm listening to the CD again as I write now and I can say that my 'love at first hearing' from more than a month ago was no superficial flirt: the music remains good.
There is so much to write about here. The mixture of styles and sounds that they achieve is truly remarkable. So often the term 'fusion' creates a less than enjoyable foretaste in the minds of most of us, simply due to the fact that fusion albums are rarely as good as that which musicians try to fuse. One needs a high degree of musicianship and musical understanding to pull of even a 'light' fusing of musical directions. And here we find undoubtedly the requirements for what is in any case deeper fusion: Tango remains the keystone around which a structure of great variety is built using elements of jazz, classical, folk, rock, latin...
Jasstango is a quartett of mature, lively and sensitive musicians, notably Johanna Schmidt on violin, who is a particular treat to listen to and the bandoneonist, Stephan Langenberg - who also plays the accordion on this CD - and who brought out a great CD, Squeezed, a few years ago.
In my German review I spontaneously listed my favorite tracks at that time. I can't do it now. Just have a listen: jasstango, Johanna Schmidt, Stephan Langenberg, Tangofusion CD
I would be delighted to hear some other enthusiastic opinions on this CD, if you care to share!
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