Manolito y su Trabuco and Klimax

A fresh breeze from Cuba with Manolito and Klimax. Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco guarantee first class timba from Cuba. They became famous with titles like "Marcando la distancia","Caballo grande" or "Llegó la música cubana". The songs still attract dancers worldwide. The long awaited current CD prooves that the band ranks amongst the top Cuban acts.

Manolito y su Trabuco: Control

Giraldo Piloto and Klimax play great and many-sided music with typical Cuban esprit. Timba and
salsa and also quiet tracks result in a pleasurable mix. The dot on the i of this CD are the illustrious
guests Omara Portuondo, Pablo Milanés, Chucho Valdés, Haydée Milanés, Tania Pantoja and Luis

Giraldo Piloto y Klimax: Sólo tú y yo
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Tango from Japan by Anna Saeki

The Japanese singer Anna Saeki discovered her love for Argentinian tango many years ago. Together with the orchestras of Raúl Garello and Nicolás Ledesma as well as with the Alejandro Schwartz Trio she has recorded two CDs with her favourite tango titles. The first CD is dedicated to the tango clásico, the second one to the tango moderno. Songs like "Malena", "La cumparsita" and "Chiquilín de bachín" receive a special charm by the subtle interpretations of Saeki, or like Horacio Ferrer puts it: "La voz de Anna Saeki es como si fuera un perfume!" (Anna Saeki’s voice is like a perfume). There is a Spanish as well as a Japanese version of "El día que me quieras".

Tango clásico y moderno

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Bachata and Merengue DVDs

For everybody who doesn't only want to listen to bachata and merengue but who wants to actually see the artists. The following two CDs present big hits of the most renowned artists of the genres:

Bachatas pegaditas en video

With Aventura, Mochy & Alexandra, Zacarías Ferreira, Frank Reyes, El Gringo de la Bachata and many more.

Merengues pegaditos en video

With Grupo Manía, Milly Quezada, Kinito Méndez, Sergio Vargas, Fulanito and many more.
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Salsa Super Stars

Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Frankie Ruiz, Marc Anthony, Oscar d'León, Grupo Niche, Willy Chirino, Orquesta Guayacán, José Alberto El Canario, Ismael Miranda... This list makes every salsa fan's heart beat faster. So why don't you have a look at the new samplers:

Varios: Salsamanía Platinum Hits

Varios: Las Grandes Sesiones de la Salsa

Varios: Salsa Classic's 4

But there are also top productions by solo artists, for example

Willy Chirino: Pa'lante

Orquesta Mulenze: Para el Mundo Entero

Pepitín y la Ley Mayor: Estudiando

Javier "Chocolate" Rodriguez: Camino a la Cima

La Feróz del Prado: Entre Ayer y Hoy

Enjoy listening!
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Salsa Puerto Rico/ New York/ Cuba

The label Envidia/ Lujuria has released some interesting new CDs for Salsa fans, and this time not only from Cuba, but also New York / Puerto Rican style:

Varios: N.Y. Salsa Club

Great compilation with Don Perignon, El Gran Combo, Costa Brava, Victor Manuelle, Orquesta La Fuga, Pedro Brull, Oscar d'Leon and many more.

Maikel Blanco: Me olvidé quien era

Maikel Blanco is Cuban and he has produced this fresh, crispy and danceable salsa/ timba CD.

Don Perignon: Aquí sí que hay

Salsa Puertoriqueña just like it should be: excellent arrangements and great musicians like for example Jr. González, Rico Walker und Wicky González.

Michel Maza: Como gato de angora

Well this CD is not really presenting music for cuddly little kitties (like the title suggests). Michel Maza used to play with Charanga Habanera where he learned the most important salsa lessons, which has lead to three solo albums already. Cuba is calling!

And there are more news, for example by Victor Manuelle, Luis Miguel and NG 2.
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Quilici y Los Tauras: Gauchita Sueca

Carlos Quilici (bandoneón), Victor Parma (piano), Carlos Gantus (electric guitar), Guillermo Trobbiani (double bass), Simón Lagier (violin), Javier Gómez (violin) and Ricardo Paradiso (voice) participate in this recording. Carlos Quilici and his Quinteto Los Tauras play compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Pedro Laurenz and Osvaldo Pugliese as well as their own compositions. Only 3 of the 14 titles are with vocals. Following "Rasgo" (2000) and "Bailamos" (2003) "Gauchita Sueca" is the third recording by the Argentinian musicians and again they manage to play danceable tango tunes in a small line-up.

Carlos Quilici y su quinteto los Tauras: Gauchita Sueca

And here are some tour dates for summer 2008:

25/7 Londres (con Javier Fioramonti, guitarra)
26/7 Londres (taller de tango para músicos)
26/7 Londres (solista)
27/7 Londres (con Javier Fioramonti, guitarra)
28/7 Londres (solista)
31/7 Estocolmo (con Kriminal Tango)
1/8 Berlin, Alemania (solista)
3/8 Berlin (solista)
5/8 Karlshamn, Suecia (solista y clase de baile para principiantes)
8, 9 y 10/8 Isla de Elba, Italia (solista)

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Cinema Cuba

Cuban movies have a quality which is recognized by cineasts worldwide. The German production company Icestorm has now decided to produce a series of Cuban film classics. We just couldn't contain ourselves and we are happy to amplify our catalogue by these movies from Cuba!
The series "Meisterwerke des kubanischen und lateinamerikanischen Films" is a wonderful collection of award-winning movies, portraits of Fidel Castro and Ché Guevara and a music documentary. Below, you will find a list of the DVDs available with the directors' names and the release date. Click on "Reviews", and you will find summaries in English, Spanish and German.

Please follow the link to the respective DVD and you will find information on the languages and subtitles available. The price of 13,49 Euro for Club-Premium-members or 14,99 for customers not being members of the DyM Club is an introductory offer.

La muerte de un burócrata (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1966)

Cecilia (Humberto Solás, 1981)

The twelve chairs/ Las doce sillas (Fernando Pérez, 1962)

Clandestinos (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1987)

Hello Hemingway (Fernando Pérez, 1990)

Amada (Humberto Solás, 1982)

Maluala (Sergio Giral, 1979)

A Successful Man/ Un hombre de éxito (Humberto Solás, 1986)

The Adventures of Juan Quin Quin/ Las aventuras de Juan Quinquin (Julio García Espinosa, 1967)

Moments with Fidel Castro

Che Guevara: Where You'd Never Imagine Him

Nosotros, la Música! /We Are the Music!

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Omara Portuondo y Maria Bethania

Feelin' meets MPB

Cuba's Grande Dame, Omara Portuondo, meets the great singer of the Música Popular Brasileira (MBP), Maria Bethania. When touring Brazil in 2006, Omara Portuondo had a meeting with the sister of Caetano Velosos and they decided to record an album together. This project was put into practice in 2007. Brazilian and Cuban music experience melodic harmony never heard before, one example is the beautiful song "Tal Vez" composed by Juan Formell:

Omara Portuondo y Maria Bethania
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Tango Crash: Baila Querida

Daniel Almada and Martin Iannaccone are "Tango Crash". And they truly break with typical tango conventios. Jazz and electronic sounds leave their marks. Still, after their debut album called "Tango Crash" (2003) and "Otra Sanata" (2005) this album is more danceable. In any case, it is a listening experience for friends of experimental tango:

Tango Crash: Baila Querida
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The Vamos-Football-CD for free for DyM-Club members

If you are already a member of the DyM-Club or if you become a member until kick-off, you will receive a gratis CD with your next order. Just write a short note in the space for comments, and one more CD will be part of your collection (offer valid until June 7th, 2008).

This is the CD:
Varios: Vamos! Football

No member of the DyM-Club?
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Footbal EM 2008 Soundtrack

What a relief for every football fan: Finally, on June, 7th the European football championship in Austria and Switzerland will start. The different flags will reappear, and even the collegue you wouldn't expect to be so passionate will get het up by the referees' decisions. This will also be the time to prepare the barbecue and to fill up the freezer. Then, you just need some friends and the party is about to start. But hold on... how can you pass the time before the game starts? And what is there to do during the break? Of course: You play the right CD, in this case “Vamos! Football”. Samba from Brazil, chants from Colombian football stadiums... this CD with Latin music will put everybody in good humour and it is a perfect small present for the party host!

Varios: Vamos! Football
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Electrotango-sampler from Poland

Federico Aubele, Tango Jointz, Bajofondo, Gotan Project, Blas Rivera, Quadro Nuevo, Otros Aires, Tango Crash and Carlos Libedinsky are only the best known names of this impressive list of artists involved in the double-CD "Go Tan Go!! From Electro to Narco Tango". 31 titles altogether are dedicated to electrotango. Joyful memories ("Oh, I know this track...") on the one hand, interesting surprises (well, this is really something different...") on the other hand - this is what a good compilation should be like, shouldn't it?

This sampler is produced by Warner Music Poland and you can either buy it in Poland or in our shop:

Varios: Go Tan Go!! From Electro to Narco Tango
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Tango-workshops in Italy

For quite some years now, Danza y Movimiento Travels offers tango courses in Umbria. The course language is usually English, German or Spanish. One of the autumn courses is already booked out. This is why we would like to give you some brief information about the workshops you can still participate in:

13/09/08 - 20/09/08 with Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero
27/09/08 - 04/10/08 with Wolfgang Sandt
11/10708 - 18/10/08 with Joseba Pagola and Bakartxo Arabaolaza

There is a waiting list for the tango courses with Laura Priori & Andreas von Maxen.

Information on course content and application here:
Tango in Italy

There are also vacancies for our tango journey to Buenos Aires in the
first half of November:
Tango in Buenos Aires
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Latin News

We have just received quite a few interesting new Latin releases. Here, you will only find some brief information. You can read the tracklistings of the CDs and listen to the audio samples by following the corresponding links. La Sonora Carruseles have made salsa dancers get on the dancefloor for decades already. This is excellent salsa brava from Colombia:

Sonora Carruseles: Mucho Mejor

Old school merengue with Johnny Ventura, Fernandito Villalona, Cuco Valoy,
Los Hermanos Rosario and many others.

Varios: Merengue Clásico en la Calle 2008

Salsa/ charanga from Cuba. Full of zest and danceable.

Original de Manzanillo: Calentito

Charming música campesina from Cuba.

Pancho Amat: Por Etapas

This is a fresh salsa production from Colombia. Kim de los Santos and Candyman participate as well.

Orquesta La Fuga: Pisando Duro

Besides, there are also new releases by Afro Rumba Masters, Raúl Cabrera, Joaquín Pozo, Dante Vargas, Haila, Santiago Cerón, Doble Jugada and many more .
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Tanghetto: El Miedo A La Libertad

The tango electronics from Buenos Aires are back with a new CD containing 12 titles. Their previous productions “Emigrante” and “Hybrid Tango” (both were nominated for the Latin Grammy) made them one of the most popular Electrotango bands. The new album "El Miedo a la Libertad" presents titles like "Media Persona", a fusion between tango and bossa nova, and cover versions of "Englishman in New York" (Sting), where tango, jazz and reggae melt, "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)" (Eurhythmics) and "Cantaloupe Island" (written by Herbie Hancock and recorded for the first time in 1964).
This is the tracklisting with audiosamples:

Tanghetto: El Miedo A La Libertad

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Daniel Melingo on tour and new CD

Melingo is one of the most charismatic Tango singers. You will never forget him once you have heard him. His voice testifies many sleepless nights, his songs transmit a rather grim view of the world. Raucous, ferocious, uncompromising. Charme and grace? Rather not. Instead, passion for life with all its rough edges, the life of the lonely and desperate. By the way, Melingo’s new CD will be released on April, 4th. For advance orders, please send us an email. You can get a first impression here:

Melingo: Maldito Tango in our shop

All the other Melingo CDs are in stock and ready for immediate delivery:

Melingo: Santa Milonga in our shop

Melingo: Tangos Bajos in our shop

Melingo: UFA in our shop

These are the tour dates:

01.04.08 Madrid
04.04.08 London
05.04.08 Lyon
10.04.08 Bègles
11.04.08 Copenhagen
12.04.08 Copenhagen
14.04.08 Milano
16.04.08 Köln
17.04.08 Hamburg
18.04.08 Leipzig
19.04.08 Berlin
20.04.08 Budapest
26.04.08 Nîmes
28.04.08 Paris
29.04.08 Paris
30.04.08 Beauvais

For more information please have a look here:
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Serie Cinco Estrellas: Salsa for a great price!

The series Cinco Estrellas De Oro combines 10 big hits by renowned Latin artists: Maná, Franco de Vita, Los Toros Band, La India, Manny Manuel, Eddie Santiago, Lalo Rodríguez, Tito Nieves, Michael Stuart, Domingo Quiñones and Tony Vega. And this for the top price of 9,99 Euro each!
If you want to see the whole series, please enter the search term "Cinco Estrellas" on the top right side of our website.

For more Latin news please have a look here:

Salsa News in our shop

Merengue and Bachata News in our shop

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German "Hafentango" by Patrick Stern

German Tango. Sceptic persons might say: "It cannot work". But Patrick Stern manages very well to transmit the pain and melancholy but also the coquetry and wit of Tango lyrics into German. Patrick Stern has worked on this project for a long time, he travelled from the river Elbe in Hamburg to the Río de la Plata in Buenos Aires. There he found the musicians of the Orquesta Típica el Afronte and the Orquesta Típica Winco as well as the singer Karina Boerlegui. With these allies he produced a charming CD, which will also please an audience not speaking German.

Patrick Stern: Hafentango in our shop

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BÄNDI: Satumaa - Finnish Tango

BÄNDI: Satumaa - Finnish Tango

You just have to look at the CD cover in order to know that this is not a typical tango production. No legs wrapped in fishnet stockings or other twisted bodily parts, no embraced dance couples or
obscure streets. Not at all, here we see two jaunty elks dancing.

Satumaa is at the same time melancholic and jolly. It is a mix of tango, and march, country, jazz and a lot more. Kristina Debelius (voice, stage piano, organ), Volker Denkel (western guitar & electric guitar), Thomas Salzmann (drums, percussion), Tobias Frisch (voice, violin, kazoo) and Johannes Kramer (double-bass) catch their audience with this mixture and they don’t let go. Willingly, we listen to the sighs from the bottom of Kristina’s heart and to her somehow husky voice, even if we don’t understand any Finnish. Please listen to this:

BÄNDI: Satumaa - Finnischer Tango in our shop

The press thinks about BÄNDI
"Music which continues where Russion disco and Balkan beat reach their limits" (Frankfurter Rundschau)
"Wallowed with passion and oddity" (HR Online)
"Extremely danceable" (Journal Frankfurt)

More information in the internet
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Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia News

30 Salsa-Super-Hits on 2 CDs for all nostalgics “This is the song I practised my first steps to...!" with artists like Tito Gómez, Tito Rojas, Eddie Santiago, Puerto Rican Power, Pedro Jesús, Nino Segarra and many more.

Varios: Salsa de Amor 3 in our shop

30 Merengue-Super-Hits on 2 CDS with artists like Alex Bueno, Eddy Herrera, La Mákina, Milly Quezada, Los Toros Band, Rikarena, La Banda Gorda and many more.

Varios: Merengue de Amor 3 in our shop

Sometimes one encounters real gems. This CD is one of them. The subtitle of this bachata compilation is "Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era". It is a collection of the early days of bachata, when the genre was still frowned upon, at least by the so-called upper class. Artists like Rafael Encarnación, Blas Duran, Felix Quintana and Leonardo Paniagua prove that bachata can enchant you without pop and plastic:

Varios: Bachata Roja in our shop

This is a journey to the roots of Colombian cumbia. The African influence cannot be denied, the voices and partly also the lyrics will send shivers down your spine because of their authenticity and the political background. Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto received a Latin Grammy for best folk album in 2007:

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto: Un Fuego de Sangre Pura in our shop

Enjoy listening to this music!

Kind regards
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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