We recommend a personal consultation for your travel preparation ...


Nowadays, it is not a problem to compose an individual journey by booking travel modules by internet. We partly also resort to internet sources which are accessible to anybody, provided that one finds them. And mostly, we pay the same price for offers open to the public you would also pay when booking directly with the organiser. So why does it still pay off to book your journey with us? We define ourselves as a travel organiser almost exclusively by the service offered by us: Usually, we personally selected and tested our recommendations. By this means, we save you from unpleasant surprises. Moreover, there will be competent contact persons at the place you travel to available to you during your journey, if any questions should occur to you there.

Besides, it is my aim as an individual travel organiser to design an ideal travel schedule for you, which meets your expectations as much as possible. Our range of offers goes from travel modules composed according to your demands to group offers, which always leave enough free time for a personal exploration of the travel destination.

I will organise a platform for you which allows you to get into close contact with the culture and society of your travel destination, without having to renounce the comfort desired by you. Of course, you can also find many parts of our offers yourself - but how much time and effort do you want to spend during the few weeks of your journey, finding an adequate accommodation or a good dance teacher? I consider it our task to do this for you, and I am happy to receive your instructions!

To me, the consultation and preparation of a personal travel itinerary implies to find out what comes up to your expectations most. This can also result in recommending you a different organiser after the consultation, if this organiser is more apt to meet your expectations. Our programme defines itself mainly by its specialisation, a high quality standard on the basis of many years of experience and knowledge, as well as your active participation before and during the journey.

I am happy to take my time for working out a travel itinerary that differs from our offers and that is based on your ideas. I will try to satisfy your wishes concerning aspects, which might only appear marginally in our catalogue or not at all.

I take my time for the research in the travel destinations and for consulting you by phone or email. Sometimes, this requires a lot of work and often research by our partners entrusted by me at the travel destination.

The consultation is included in the travel price and I will answer your questions anytime, before or after the booking and also after your journey. But in case you don't decide to book after the consultation and the elaboration of a personalised travel plan, we charge a fee for the travel preparation provided by us. The fee depends on our effort invested:

    • A. A first offer - consisting in basic components of the travels described on our websites - is free of charge in case it will take up to 15 minutes of my time.
    • B. A consultation including a travel plan and a basic offer I will tell you beforehand the expected costs in case you will not book the offer prepared for you.  
    • C. The price for every new version/offer will be charged, too.

When making your travel request please tell us all details we should need to know to give you an answer.

We have collected a lot of experience in our travel destinations in the recent years, and we checked almost all our offers personally. There is no 100% guarantee, but even a small advice can help to save a lot of money and trouble. Thus: Feel free to use our consultation, even if you might not want to book with us and travel on your own account.

And: We will refund the potential consultation costs completely, in case you book our offer within the deadline given in the offer.